Oz's travels.

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A visit to see a doctor.

Phil, Elle and I went to Portwenn to visit the doctor.

Dam he was out!

A walk round town we spotted his lovely receptionist Pauline running into a shop with his bag.

                      Ahh He's a tadge busy at the mo we will see him later.


                                                    An we did!

Cheer's Doc we'll try that when we get home.

Phil, Elle an I were very lucky to in the right place at the right time. We visited Port Isaac  (where they film Doc Martin) an came across them filming one of the scenes for the first episode of the third series. Phil chatted to Martin Clunes an I got my opportunity for a photo with him. Martin is one very nice guy. Here's a few more pic's that Phil took, even one when they were filming.

Message from Phil.

               Thanks to Martin Clunes, Katherine Parkinson, Anna an the rest of the crew for being so nice an letting me hang around an watch.