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Berkshire 4x4 show 2010.

Here we are or should I say here I am with Alan an of course Phil behind the camera at the Berkshire Show 2010.

Snazzy Suzuki Built for off road only. I do like the lime green touches.

Pink Suzuki but when it was taken around the obstacle course....

It pulled a very impressive wheelie.

Oooer hows this for ballance.

Underneath this BMW is a Range Rover. It has hydraulic suspension, you will see what I mean in the next pic.

In the arena, Alan's just about to be interviewed.

You see the BMW can drop down one side or the other.

The Monster picup ride.

The one to do the show.

Like car crushing?.

Competition time..... which is which? Is the lady soldier on the left or the right? 

A mighty fine display of at lorries the show.

Did you guess earlier? Well this picture might give you another clue.

Helicopter rides. Ner we coward out this time, but maybe next year.

Back to the lorries.

At the bottom of the field was a strongest man competition. These two blokes are lifting 620 kilos. Going by Phil weighing 80 kilos'ish, they are lifting just under 8 of Phil

The American section.

The Army section.

How's this for a motor!

Had to have a shufty.

Very nice.

Here is Joseph Peace, He is a fire stunt performer.

If you are organising a show please do book Joseph. It is a good show.  

Ahh on the way home. We got on the M4 motorway at junction 11, accelerated away, getting up to about fifty-fifty five then for a split second Phil felt a lost of drive then..... CLATTER CLATTER CLATTER noise came from the rear axle. Luckily we approached the slip road to Reading services... we pulled in an soon stopped on the side of the road. Alan then said to  Phil "the cars on fire!" Phil looked at the bonnet an couldn't see any smoke an said "Ner we not". Phil then noticed that Alan wasn't looking at him but over his left shoulder. Phil turned round an saw smoke was coming up behind his seat. Phil said "Ooo!!! then he laughed. He then explained that there are breather pipes from the diffs and the transferbox an they come up behind his seat. I didn't laugh cuz I was sat in the back behind Phil watching the smoke come up from underneath me.

Here's the bugger, you can see the breather pipe coming out the top of the diff.

Shame really, just got it welded up, new shock mounts and new shocks, oh by the way its a lot smoother ride now, will be fantastic when the front axle is done. Anyway Phil did think of dropping the propshaft off, putting it in to 4 wheel drive an driving it back on the front, but after a think and a discussion with Alan they both voted for ringing the.......

AA. A very very very nice women came to our rescue.

Looking good!

A good photo opp for Alan and I .

"HO HUMM!!! keep smiling"

Here's Paula, she just took a photo herself.

One thing about Phil, he's not a shamed about braking down and having to be recovered, I will say he did take a lot more photos.

Here we are back in Henley-in-Arden.

The Maine Special safely back on the drive thanks to Paula.

Thank you Paula xxx We will be back down to reading next year for the 4x4 show, so you might get another call to pick us up again.

A special thanks to Alan for helping Phil Friday night to find his nuts... for the shocks that is.. an for being a great mate to Phil and I. Oh I nearly forgot the competition..... as you look at the first photo, the lady soldier was on the left, then facing the camera in the second photo.