Oz's travels.

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Boscastle had a major disaster on the 16th August 2004, when flood water came down the hill and nearly washed all of the village away. Phil had visited there in May 2004 while he was down there at the Mini World Riviera Run. Phil wanted to see Boscastle due to his Mom and Dad had spent there honeymoon there.

Here's a couple of photos that were taken.

Then the disaster happened.

 The next few photos tie in with the ones above.

 These are taken from the book by David Rowe of the story of the disaster.

2005 Phil went back to visit.

Phil parked Ahh Kid roughly where he parked a year ago.

2008 Phil and I went to see. I was really happy to see it looking wonderful, Work was still going on. They had built a new bridge down towards the harbour. I did have a few funny looks from the foreigners that were there or then again they might have been looking at Phil, he's strange.

Here's a few pics of what its looking like today.

Taken off the new bridge.
Thank you to the American lady who steadied me, but I'm not a teddy bear!!
Out side the pottery. This pottery is owned by Roger Irving-Little with his wife Nanette and son Tim. Roger has a very unique design to all of the pots, cup, vases, jugs etc. The design is a tree affect. Here's the pot and jug that Phil brought his mom.
This is Roger putting the tree design inside some mugs.
He is the only person to do this design. He holds not just the patent to it but the recipe to the herbal mixture of the paint that allows the tree affect to be created.