Oz's travels.

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Now we all drop a clanger occasionally, but just make sure we are not around to take photo's. Here are ones we have been luckily to come across. 

Long Marston.

A tadge too close to the edge, don't drop into the...... too late!

Himley landfill site.

Another driver too close to the edges....

He tried to drive it out, now that not going to happen cuz it was  quite a high concrete edge.

Himley landfill site.

You do look back when your reversing... but do keep an eye on the front!


Celsa Steel Works


When this Stobart driver was told to back into bay 3... he did!

Liverpool Docks.

Not the drivers fault, this barrier is person controlled. 


 near Brackley, 


Now we had some bad weather in early 2018 an people got stuck, but how the hell did this bus driver end up there?

Look how deep the snow is behind the bus,  he must of been stuck there all night?

EMR Liverpool.

Getting one puncher is bad enough, but this driver copped three all on the same side.

I'm not to sure when or where this has happened, but I should think it was a slight misjudgment of height was the cause of the damage to the top of this van. 

A closer look..... Oooo nasty!

M62 eastbound near to Liverpool. between Junction 7 and 8 a strange green ghost under one of the bridges, on closer inspection it wasn't a ghost but a easy sheet off a lorry. After that a Stobart walking floor is seen on the hard shoulder with the centre bar down the side of the trailer.  

Saltley Birmingham, a double decker bus in a strange position, its across the central reservation.

Welcome Break Birchanger Green, M11

Due to the high winds in Feb 22, this lorry had his curtainsider trailer roof opened up like a tin can.