Oz's travels.

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Brian Marshall of Wheelbase Models very kindly invited Phil an I to attend the show with just one claws, to help him out on his stall. That's fine by me. Here I am with Brian looking on hopeful customers to buy his wares. Phil also lent a hand looking after Johns (chap in the white shirt in the back ground.) stall.
Phil used to have a Mk 1 Escort, not a Mexico like this one but a two door 1300 Daytona yellow. one of his biggest regrets is selling it. If you know where PJG585M is please Email me, Phil would love to buy it back.

Ford RS200 road car, not many about.

The rally version, great cars. This one lives in Scotland.
The car sales section, Lets have a quick look around.
Classic Ferrari 308 GTB Hardtop, very nice. Top dollar price.
A more modern Ferrari 20 grand cheaper, that shows you how much modern cars drop in value.
A Bentley for £49.950, Hummm temping.
Oh go on then DEAL!
                                                              Only Joking.

A Landy that floats.

The type of taxi that was used in Carry On Cabby.

E Type Jaaaaaaagssssssss

1911 Fiat S76 Tipo 12 "THE BEAST OF TURIN".
Here with Duncan Pittaway the owner of the car. Duncan is holding a Hotwheels model of the car that I found for sale on Johns stall. I took the model too Duncan to see if he new there was model done of his car. He did an was given one for his last birthday. John wanted me to sell him the model, I asked Duncan if he could sign the packaging, he very kindly did, so I bought the model off John instead.
As I past the live stage, being interviewed by Edd China was Ross Brawn, a big name in the F1 scene. When the interview was over I popped over to say hello an nab his autograph.
The last design before the end.
Look at the price of this one, sorry to say I can now see why they packed it in if they were expecting to sell them at that price!
A Bond Bug that was bought by, done up and sold on by Wheeler Dealers.
A proper Police car, a Rover SD1 3500.
How's this for a hot rod? So low, that if the suspension gave out an inch you wouldn't need a heated seat, cuz your bum would be dragging on the floor.
Walking past the Ducati stand I was asked if I'd like to hop in a peddle car. I excepted the offer. This is beautiful, a proper scaled down version of the real car, I love it.
John Lennon Rolls Royce. Not the original of course but a very close reproduction.

                                                                   What do you call 5 Ferrari's in a row?

                                                                    A FFFFFFF.....Flipping lot of money!

Ford GT Stand.
The TVR stand. TVR used to have a base in Stratford upon Avon in the old Stratford canners factory.

A great John Travolta film is Swordfish. In the film there is a car chase an the TVR Tuscan was used. The actual one in the film got rebuilt after they shot it up, an it is owned by a private collector. I found that out by chatting to a chap on this stand.


                                                                                          Here is a Tuscan.

The owner of this car made a peddle car to match for his son. Phil asked the son, Who was in his 20s if I could sit in it.
To finish off, you know how I like unusual 4x4 vehicles well.......... TAXI!!!!
                                                                                     Thanks Brian what a great day.