Oz's travels.

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On the 7th March 2010 I had a trip out to the Coventry Transport Museum. What a brill place to go, I fully recommend going, its even free to get in. They have on display there the world land speed cars Thrust 2 an Thrust SSC, you will see photos later. Most of the cars an bikes here in the museum have a connection with Coventry.

Normally over the last years production of cars have been taken out of the UK, but production of this car a Spyker has relocated from Zeewolde in the Neitherlands to Coventry. Oh another big thing... (by the way I'm getting this info from Paul Dawes and Rob Bellingham cheers mates) is that Spyker have bought out Saab.

There is a fine collection of push bikes. Phil was going to take a photo of me on a penny farthing but I thought it would be safer on this one.

This very old banger is only 5hp.

 Jag XK-150, well that what it says on the number plate.

One of Millicent Fawcett's Womens Suffragettes.

Lads you put the round bit on the wiggly bit an clout ok.

A beautiful Dennis fire engine, can I ring the bell please?

Now we get in to the war section, starting off with this mark 1 Daimler Armoured Car.

The Coventry Blitz.....

Giving the lads a help d-fusing the bomb... Go on give it a wazzer with the sledge hammer.....

Ooo they taking my advice...... time to take cover.....

Monty's Staff car...

Phil's brother Dave used to race round on a chopper  and so I heard do some spectacular jumps through fire, across river's and across people lay down followed by a spectacular crash when the handle bars used to snap. Dave has one slightly in better condition then this one, its in Phil's garage. It might be for sale if anyone wants to make an offer.

As some of might know that the tunnel scene in the Italian Job was film in the new sewer under Ryton on Dunsmore that near to Coventry.

Phil's always wanted a Morris van, it was the first car he drove, well should I say steered, he was sat on his Dads lap when he was about 7.

Here's a mini that was used to work out the steering on the THRUST SSC. More details underneath pic.

The certificate of record.

Before you go in to see Thrust SSC you can go on a simulator an ride the first run. There is a small charge of a Pound but it is worth it. WHAT A RIDE!!

An here it is.......

The rear wheel looks like a dust bin lid.

WOW.... too stand on THRUST SSC fantastic.

Back to the cars, this time some racing cars.

Now what have these three cars got in connection with each other?

Well thanks to Rob and Paul again.... they all have the same running gear. Well as they say if it works use it again an again an again......

This 3 million Pound Maserati is own by Nick Mason out of Pink Floyd. He still races it!!!!

Phil's brother Dave has a Scalextric version of this car.

I do like it when you can see a classic picture of the car in its hay day.

You thought... well come to think of it... I thought the Citroen then the mini was the first front wheel drive cars.... well no this one was in 1928, plus it was supercharged aswell.

Afterwards we went to a Harvester pub for some grub. As it was a Sunday the car park was a bit on the full side, but no problem for Phil he can park nearly any where.