Oz's travels.

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                                                                                                                                                        A blast from the past.

Dolyhir Quarry.

Phil an I being back on the tipper work thanks to DHL coal boxing the sleeper work up, we had the the job of collecting stone from Dolyhir Quarry Near to Kington... that is right on the borders of Herefordshire and Powys. (England n Wales) an taking it to a Ballidon Quarry that's near to Ashbourne. Phil being a bit of a train spotter was always interested about the old railway line that went through the quarry. One evening we parked up for the night outside the quarry. Phil an I could go an use the washroom and the toilets. On our exit of the washroom we chatted to one of the chaps that worked there. He had been at the Quarry many a year an could tell us a lot about the railway. Phil asked if we could have a walk about an have a look. As the quarry was closed there was no problem. We still wore our fluoro jackets and hard hats tho, you never know!!
Looking from the weighbridge into the quarry, in ruffly I think the where the old line was. Don't quote me tho I might be wrong.

Now if you are wondering why has Phil taken a photo of me stood on a manhole cover.... No.. Oh!! Erm I will tell you anyway. That chap we was talking to earlier told us underneath this manhole is the old railway  turntable. They didn't bother to remove it they just buried it. The turntable was used to turn the trucks up towards that Volvo lorry.

Into this yard, where there the lime kilns were.

Just to the left is the road up to the stock ground, where Phil an I will be going up in the morning to get loaded.

Now back to the man hole cover, if you look to the right of the island you the  yellow dumpers, the building just past them is the station.

A nice centerpiece on the island is an old drill.

For all you that might be interested in the make of the drill here is a close up of it.

On the way up to the station is now the machinery park. To the right of this photo across the other side of the road that runs along side  the quarry is a lovely looking house.

It is a shame its not being used anymore. I would like to live in it.

What is still  being used though is the pillar box that built in the wall of the house.

I couldn't resist a look around the Caterpiller dumpers, the old shape.

Now the new shape.

The station. This side is the rail side.The platform used to run in front of the building. That brick hut is an original bit, you can see it in the old photo below this one.

This photo was taken in 1911.

This one was taken in 1907.

On the way out of the quarry about half a mile down the road is another station. We stopped to have a look around.

You can see it still has the platform.

I think I'd be waiting a fair bit for the next train.

Oooo its a bit spooky in there.