Oz's travels.

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As soon as we got in you couldn't miss "THE DALEKS", a different colour for Monday to Saturday, plus Davros for the Sunday.  

Just after this photo was taken, the chap came over an flipped his lid. 
I don't mean that the chap went mad, he flipped the lid on the Dalek. Built around an electric wheelchair, that made my paws itch...… hummm could I? Maybe a future project. 

Built in voice changer, plus he linked up his phone with additional sound effects.

I had a natter with..... sorry I didn't ask your name... but I did  gain a few tips on how to build one myself, thankyou.

I turned round from the Daleks an spotted "MOXEY!" Not my cousin but Christopher Fairbank. I shot off to say hello. I did know that Chris was going to be here, so we called at Srewfix on the way in an I nipped in an bought a plasterers trowel. Chris very kindly signed it. Phil asked on how many have you signed, Chris said "I think this is the first one." Nice one! 

Later on in the day we had a photo with Chris, Phil put his cap on Chris, Typical something all ways catches my eye at the last second. 

Walking around the stalls, Phil stopped to look at some stickers. Running the stall was Samantha Reidy a graphic designer from Blackpool. I told Samantha that we delivered most of the concrete railway sleepers for the Blackpool trams (see the good jobs, now even better page). Hopefully I will persuade Phil to take me back up to Blackpool for a holiday. Erm they are not Samantha's real ears by the way she was dressed up as a Hobbit. 

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na


Dun der der der der dun dum, dun der der der dun dum, dun der...…….sod it!

                                                                                                                  James Bond.

At one point I thought I'd try to do a runner, but un like Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) chasing my cousin Barry in the film Caddyshack, the NEC Security are red hot. Ian (left) and Simon (Erm right) soon caught me and only released me after I promised to state on this website..... "I  OZ T GOPHER WAS CAUGHT BY THE BEST SECURITY...………... IN THE WORLD!"  

The Predator family.
Anton Lesser recently known as Chief Superintendent Bright in Endeavour. Phil and I know him more or should I say his voice from BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 4 Extra, where Anton has performed in a number of radio plays/dramas as well as playing Marcus Didius Falco the Roman detective.

Nice Photo with Phil.

Time for a medical, I asked Nurse Claire Rainbow for a check up, Claire was soon in for my blood. 

As I have stated David Tennant is the best Doctor Who, but when you get offered a Jelly Baby from the Fourth Doctor you can't resist liking him. 

Neil Thompson was great fun, with his own voice bubble and a big bag of Jelly Babies, plus chatting to Phil about Iron Maiden we could of talked for the rest of the day BUT......

.........we had to shoot off for our photo with "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE" Christopher Lambert, Beatie Edney and Roxanne Hart from Highlander.

Afterwards I met up with Keith from Baddesley Ensor a fellow Warwickshire Lad. 

Also Cathy and Kevin from Tredegar, wales. Who now follow me on Twitter. 

Other celebs there were...…..
                                                     Danny Glover.
                                                  kristanna loken

                                                 Robert Englund.

To be honest this Comic Con was a lot better then the MCM Comic Cons, so I hope this one will be a regular event in Birmingham.