Oz's travels.

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We start off by me spending my pocket money on another Tardis, its the one I'm standing on. Claire Ledbetter (in the photo) sister Michelle Ryan (not the actor that featured with David Tennant.. best doctor by the way... in Planet of the Dead) made this a while ago. It was used to store their Doctor Who DVD collection in. I couldn't resist it. Running the stall with Claire was Aimie Drinkwater.

Sir Tony Robinson best known from Black Adder an Time Team.

Phil an I had a brilliant caricature done by Andy Meanock of Cult Caricatures. Facebook link...… https://www.facebook.com/Cultcaricatures/ …

Passing a book stall I got waved at, so I stopped to sat hello to this... erm cute??? more like scary baby, I've been told I have quite a Paddington stare, but she beats me hands down. 

"Your not going to cry are you?"

Jack sorting out another great deal from this stall holder, he has a sharp eye for stuff an knows how to haggle to get the right price.

The thing about coming to shows like this is the wonderful people you meet, here are two perfect examples..... Bill and Callum.

Now looking at Callum, bung on a blue suit, a white shirt and a red tie... WHO you got? Can you see it? No!! Ok I'll tell you...… the best Doctor of all (by my opinion) THE 10TH. We chatted for ages about all sort of things, great to meet you lads, I hope too run into you again.

Loads of arcade games from way before my time.

Phil's first computer, the commodore 64, Phil told me that the programmes were on a cassette tape an took about 10 minutes to load... if they didn't crash halfway. 

To think this was once cutting edge technology. 

One of Phil's mates Neil Reaper had this one, the Commodore Amiga, this had the floppy disc. 

Neil also had the ZX Spectrum. Phil got quite emotional at this point, remembering the times after school with Neil, Neil sadly past away a number of years ago.

Phil's school computers… The BBC Micro. Phil used to spend hours typing in programs to hopefully end up with a 3D image turning slowly on the screen, Phil can't recall ever completing a program successfully, he always ended up with a message....  PROBLEM ON LINE 251. He would go over it an change it then the same message would come up about another line..... in the end he would give up an delete the lot.   

Wendy Padbury.... companion to the Second Doctor Who's (Patrick Troughton's) from 1968 to 69. Wendy is a fellow Warwickshire person, she was born in Stratford-upon-Avon. 

Now hang on.... I think some ones in there, its not the Doctor... 

                                                  "ITS HORIBLE!!! 

                                                     Oh its Jack!  
                                 I made a sharp exit at this point......

Another Doctor Who's companion was here, Frazer Hines. Second Doctor again from 1966 to 69, Popular chap going by the size of the que. Is that Bill chatting to him? 

Yes it is..... Phil who wasn't a Doctor who fan new Frazer more as Joe Sugden in Emmerdale Farm, yes that was what it was originally called.

To finish the day off I got brutally attacked...… 

                    "Quick someone throw me the Weedol….. this may get ugly!"