Oz's travels.

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I could not resist to meet and greet Gary again, so when I saw the (R) EVOLUTION tour advertised I soon booked the tickets. This time at the Birmingham Institute in Digbeth Brummagem. 

Now parking, we was very lucky there, we managed to park Ducky here....

for free...….

an the gig was here...…..

with this in the middle...…. ahem... moving on!!!

Inside the hall, fellow VIP'S. 

A shufty at the light and sound mixing rig.  

Then the stage. I wont be jamming with them this time. 

How about a swift half while we wait Phil? ahh..... the bar wasn't open... maybe later then. 

I looked to my right and stood near to the bar was Steve Harris the lead guitarist of Gary's band, who I jammed with at Coventry. 

This fellow VIP here is Rickie Chapple a very talented musician. Please check out his YouTube page...… Link... bestrickie2. Rickie has done his own cover of Gary's classic hit Cars, its brilliant! A part from being talented he is a very nice and interesting chap. We chatted for quite a while, then later between the meet an greet and the show we popped down the road too the local kabab house for our tea.  

Gary... funny thing the same bod took the photo as last time, this time I made sure I was looking at the camera. 

Phil was more prepared this time, an managed to ask a couple of his questions this time. 

They fired off with the sound check.

I moved around behind the mixing desk to watch.

Then over to the other side of the hall just as they started one of my favourite's.....  Love Hurt Bleed

Even though I was positioned by the drums when I was on stage in Coventry, I didn't mange to meet drummer Richard Beasley, I caught him this time. 

I then met outside Tim Slade who was playing bass on the tour, I showed him Moxey's bass guitar, that I just happen to have with me, just in case there was a chance of a jam session with the lads. Tim was most impressed, thanks mate. 

Being a VIP was a bonus, we was let back in first, a recce of the area earlier I had found a perfect place to stand.

How's that....…..

Even a stool for Phil......

To open the show was a very impressive set by Kanga from Los Angeles. I found a website for you to look at and check out Kanga's music... if you happen to know the American Pie films this ties in with what Michelle Flaherty kept saying..... "One time at band camp!" Link.... BANDCAMP

Then the lads hit the stage with the track My name is Ruin. 

I found on YouTube............ 

On the way out I was very lucky to meet Kanga who gave me a wonderful cuddle. Thankyou kindly for signing my cd xx

Well another fantastic gig from Gary. I am a very lucky Gopher with help from Phil's wallet, Thanks Phil.... he he he. Phil enjoys it at much as me,

                             we make a great team.