Oz's travels.

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Phil an I treated our selves to tickets for a meet and greet on the 13th March 2018 at the Warwick Arts Centre Coventry....with the one and only Gary Numan. Phil booked the day off so he wouldn't get stuck anywhere in the lorry an miss it. We got there with time to spare an met up with other meet and greeters. I had my own tour shirt, designed by Phil and made up by an on line company called Spreadshirts.  After a while we was called an led to the butterworth hall, then was name checked an given our V,I,P passes. 

Now if your wondering why I not looking at the camera.... I was looking at Phil an then realised he wasn't taking the photo. Clang!!

Phil wasn't ready either so he duz look like a bit of a berk in this photo. 

I took my guitar along and asked Gary if it was all right to jam along with them on the sound check,

                                                                        he said ok.... great.

                                         I checked out the guitar Steve Harris plays, very smart. 

As I was doing this I heard a ladies voice behind me, I turned round an saw Gemma O'Neil,.. Gary's wife. Well you know me for cuddles I introduced myself an I got my cuddle.....

                                                        thank you Gemma it was wonderful xx.

I looked at Steve's effect switches and peddle arrangement, hummm I might have too build up a set for me. Now I wonder if I can have a quick play? Where do you plug in?

Found it..... Great fun, that has gave me an idea what to look for.

Steve suddenly appeared so I quick retreated back out the way.

Richard Beasley adjusted his most excellent drum kit, I slipped in my ear plugs just to tame the severe thumping that he will be kicking out.

Gary connecting his wireless ear piece monitor,  also David Brooks making sure his keyboard programs are in order. 

Tim Muddiman who plays bass guitar was also ready to go, so someone fired up the smoke machine,                                                                            Gary did his finale check.....

WE LET RIP!!!!!!

I slowly moved to the front. 

OH YER!!!!!

Afterwards Steve very kindly gave me a few tips for the future and he identified my guitar being                                                                  based on early 1970's fender Stratocaster. 

                                     I made the guitar so that makes it a Fend'oz' Strat'oz'caster.

Later on when we took our seats to watch the concert, I sat next to fellow meet and greet V,I,P's Jeffrey and Karen Woodcock. Jeffrey had his arm signed by Gary so later on Jeffrey will have a tattooist go over it an persevere the signature.


After the concert a couple of V,I,P's Charles Woolley (left) an Craig Woolley (erm....right) who I met earlier an now we compared notes from the whole Gary Numan experience, Also with...........

.......Howard a fellow V,I,P, who I queued with earlier waiting our turn to see Gary.  

    It is great when you meet wonderful people at events like this who make the day that more special.                                                                                            Thank you.

Overall a great day that I will never forget an if the opportunity comes up again I will be surely too do it again. So would Phil, because Phil can talk for ever normally but he fluffed when chatting to Gary an never asked the questions he had set for him, never mind.... STAR STRUCK! he he.