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Gaydon mini show 2010. Well realy its not about the mini show! Phil and I went but didn't take meny photos of the show apart from.......


Lets go in to the museum.

 Due to the poor lighting that the museum has some of the photos aren't that brill but will have to do.   (Phil slipped me a tenner to say that bit.)

This one took my fancy, its a 1927 Leyland.

I had to have a sit in.

Alec Issigonis's 1938 lightweight Special.

Odd looking mini, details below.

Another prototype that never went into production,  but Phil thinks it should of been.

The (alleged) last mini to come of the production line.

How's this for a landy!

Lets go Brum!

This mini was used in the Marks an Spencers adverts.

A well modified mini.

There's always someone that runs in on the photo.

Found a car my size, just my colour.

Time for some cars that were used on TV an in films. Starter for 10...... The Flintstones.

The Nod off mobile.


Doctor Who.... when John Pertwee played him in the 70's.

Plus a motorbike used in.. I think you can guess.

 A shed.. this one was in the Italian Job. Now question time.. is this a left or right hand drive?   Look carefully at the Photo.

Answer is a right hand drive with a fake wheel on the left. So when you see Mark Wehlberg throw the shed around in the film it wasn't him driving... wusss.

James Bond's Aston out of the Quantum of Solace.

Next door to it was the one he crashed in the snow an ice...clumsy bugger.

A 1908 Austin a 100hp Grand Prix car that was used in Greystoke, The legend of Tarzan. A film that Phil likes due to it has Christopher Lambert in it, who is in Phil's most favorite film Highlander. 

Jackie Stewart's 1970 F1 car. Details underneath.

This one is a 1978 March-Triumph F3 car.

Three most famous minis.

Finishing off with a mini that is the same age as a great mate of mine Rob Bellingham. This particular mini is an original Austin se7en 'Downton' an like Rob has a lot of history to it, see below the photo.

That's it, I do recommend having a trip to Gaydon Heritage Museum.... but I may warn you it is a bit pricey to get in.