Oz's travels.

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"WE'RE ON ARE WAY TO DORSET! WE'RE GOING TO BLANFORD AGAIN!" Well just down the road to Tarrant Hinton. This year a few new additions to the kit. Ducky has had a towbar fitted,  a small trailer to ease up space inside, a new 3 way fridge that runs off gas, to replace the cool box that flattened the leisure battery last year after two days and a BIG n Better flag pole to replase the whip wouldn't retract so Phil snapped it in half.
The customary camp site shot.

Let me show about the tent. Here be the new fridge set on a board to keep it level and off the plastic ground sheet with a backing board to protect the tent wall from the heat given off by the heat exchanger at the back of the fridge. Both designed and built by me..... 

Most important the bread bin that contains the gas stove an tea/coffee making stuff.

And our comfy sleeping area. Nine days in a tent sounds ruff but its not if you plan it properly.
After set up we popped down to see James an Keren Yardley. James had thought of buying himself a bowler hat but never tried one on, so Phil lent him his an he did look a bit like Stan Laurel (with a beard). He was advise not to by Keren.
Monday the trip into Blandford forum, of course going by last year we had to have a shufty around the many charity shops that frequent the town. 

As soon as we was in the door Phil spotted in the cd rack........

surrounded by...... well no comment I don't want to upset.... anyway The Shirehorses 2nd album OUR KID EH. Mark an Lard (Mark Radcliffe an Marc Riley Radio 6 music DJ'S)
I bought it.... as you do.
Last year I said we would have to have a look in the brewery..... well we did.
While taking the photo above a delivery van arrived an I apologize now for the slightly blurred photo, give one simple job to Phil an he made a hash of it. Phil normally takes two or three photos to make sure, but only the one this time. Anyway driving the van was Kay, we had a nice little natter before Kay had to carry on with her deliveries. It was nice to meet you Kay.
Lets go in an have a look.
The Founder and owner of the brewery Charles Hall 1777-1827.
Either someone dropped a fat one or the brewery was bombed in one of the Wars.    
Phil was really interested in the photos due to he used to be a drayman. 

A lease agreement for the property from 10th October 1917.

A closer look.
Lets pop in the shop.... I do like the door handles.
Phil has a big collection of beers towels..... what hasn't Phil got?
                     I can say one thing.... STORAGE SPACE!
A clever play on words.... sett as in badger sett plus set of bottles.
"Phil back the shed in mate, I'll have the lot!"
Bugger only one of each! plus a beer towel..... ahh cheers mate, your alright.
I remember the days when we used to transport barley around for R Adams & Sons, thank God we don't do that anymore!! 
On our way back to the show we followed the Dorset Police Noddy car, the off road buggy they use to catch the cattle rustlers.
Here's a photo of it I found on the internet.
A lovely warm night to chill out by the flag pole.
Fully trailered..... not trolleyed!
In our sleeping bags watching NCIS. People say camping can be uncomfortable....
                                                       WRONG!  this is lush.
In the morning the wind had changed direction so......
.....the people camped to the left of us was getting a wonderful smell of Phil cooking breakfast. 
The heavy haulage section.
Front and rear steering has been around longer then you thought. 
This is a 6LW Gardner Engine cleverly had sections cut out so you can see inside.
Owned by Steve Harding with his little mate Joey.
There is only three of these left.
Allelys transport, as I have said before Phil's dad used to work for them. Phil an brother Dave also went out as second man on the Heavy haulage.

Just don't toot the horn!

I have got a complete replacement Mack bulldog cab ornament for this truck at home..... but its not for sale. I bought it from America via ebay. It came off a fire engine.

ERF goldfish bowl.... called due to shape of the grill.

Radio communication with the steering unit on the trailer.
I never been keen on these organs, I was glad this one was turned off.
Oooo Cummins great engines an the badge..... SIZE MATERS..........
.......OH YES IT DUZ!

Brian the owner of this brought this 1944 AEC Diesel up to the tractor pulling to have a go, Phil was the lucky one to ride in it. Brian even achieved two gear changes while on the run. 

At the back of the heavy haulage section was this army lorry that had a few problems.

That's it with all modern lorries nowadays they have to be bolted to a computer to be sorted out... now that's a laugh! deleting the faults off the ECU is not fixing the problem is it!!!! as we know very well with BX64 BXK. (the lorry Phil drives for Holloways.)

Let me have a crack of fixing it!

We walked over to the Michael Oliver tent to meet up with Phill Parker an his lad Charlie. Now where are they?

Ahhhh there they are Oooo Dingles with them. I fancied a pint, but at £4.20 they can get stuffed.

When the had finished their drinks we all went for a plod around the market an came across Farmer Dan. 

Photo opp.....
Stone objects..... Phill Parker came out with a classic, he said....
                                                "I'll take the lot love, I need some hard core"
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