Oz's travels.

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Normally Phil an I have a trip out somewhere on the Monday, but this year Phil was asked if he could do a interview about the tractor pulling with Jon Robson for the radio station that is saturated on the GDSF site.. Steam FM. Link to their website..... http://www.steamfairfm.com/ That was planed for 12pm, so with time to kill Phil and Norman set up the PA equipment. It was funny watching them. They set it up 3 times, it didn't work every time. They were getting more an more confused, until they discovered that one of the speakers had a broken connector. Having the speakers in line if one speaker is out the others don't work. James Yardley very kindly rewired it an all was soon working. Jon arrived spot on time an the interview started. They recorded 11 minutes of materiel, Jon then headed off to edit it. Jon later phoned Phil an said he had cut it down to 3 mins 40 sec's and it was going to be played at random times through out the days of the show.   

Next day while we was getting ready to go out for the day, the radio was on when suddenly...……...

Bash Play..... if you dare...….

Our trip out..... First stop was to Tolpuddle,  

In the 1830s life in villages like Tolpuddle was hard and getting worse. Farm workers could not bear yet more cuts to their pay. Some fought back by smashing the new threshing machines but this brought harsh punishments. In 1834, farm workers in west Dorset formed a trade union. Unions were lawful and growing fast but six leaders of the union were arrested and sentenced to seven years’ transportation for taking an oath of secrecy. 

                                             The Tolpuddle Martyrs.

Ok do you recognise this location? it has been a main feature in a crime drama television program. Of course we're in Broadchurch..... sorry West Bay, I got confused then.

To get it out the way we headed up the very steep coast path to the top of the cliffs. I took a breather before I was carried up by Phil, 

                                                                                      I'm no mug! he he he.

Few.... I let Phil get his breath back, he was puffing like one of the traction engines back at the show. Over looking West Bay.

By my reckoning the lad in series one of Broadchurch was thrown off here. 

What do you think little birdie? 

Now I know when they make a tv program they can alter locations, but I didn't know that they had this up here.

A golf course.

Knowing my families repatriation with golf courses, I'm very tempted to have a bit of fun. At this point Phil was shaking his head.... spoilsport. 

I took this, a panoramic shot.

A cool shot of me. I have mentioned this a couple of times about someone getting in on the photo, photo bombed I think its called, this photo was, can you spot who?

The arrow points him out.

Here's a closer look. Barry Bee.

Oh look some bod just jumped off that hill, either that or he/she may of found that kite a bit to much to handle. 

We found the cop shop, but all was out on a job.

Oooo just think DAVID TENNANT has stood here! 

                                      Have I said that he played the best Doctor Who of all? 

Oh look you can buy or let this unit, Phil...………. 

One of the possible benches that the lovely Olivia Colman and David Tennant sat on while filming.

Best mates together. Rare to get Phil in a photo, not that he is shy, but he is always taking the photos of me... I work him hard. 


A nice fly past by the RAF Rescue Helicopter. 

In West Bay graffiti is down to a bare minimum. This is all I found. 

Oh hang on I've found some more.

West Bay has a fantastic place called The Custom House. Its one shop but with loads of nooks an crannies full of new, old and home made products. 

I soon found a bargain, a Doctor Who Cyberman helmet going for £3. Well that's great, it might come in handy for my Doctor Woz spin off. 

Had to try it on.

What do you think about Crocs? I was thinking about buying a pair when Phil said "No" I then agreed with him that they didn't really go with my street cred.

Loads an loads of stuff to look at, you can be in here for hours. 

The military section, from ammo boxes to Vulcan (the jet plane) cockpit instruments.   

Outside I found a VW camper metal storage box, nice but for the price...…. 

Even at nearly half price...…. TILT!!

It don't matter where I go, Doctor Who pops up, or in this case a Police Box. 

Looking inside it was formally used as a ticket dispenser. 

Made out of drift wood was this Heffalump. I liked it but it wasn't cheap.

Hunger beckons, an being by the sea there is only on meal for me....  

Severed with a wonderful smile by Tina and.... hiding around the back...  Lucy, serving the traditional Great British meal of fish and chip's. 

Arrr fully filled up I needed a sit down for a while. Here looked a nice corner for a rest. 

Humm I could quite easily dose off.  

Next door is an amusements, lets go an have a play.

"Here Phil, Bung a pound in mate!"  "please"

I love the coin pushers.

Great fun, I chucked it in...….

an even got some out. I played for about 45mins before I ran out.

Arr well Time to head back to the car. On our way we past the... 'shop around the corner'. Phil picked up some home made chutney and a few sticks of rock.

The shop has its own bar around the back, one for the road Phil? well one for me mate your driving.

Ha Ha I like the reg on this van we followed out of town.

Back to camp an it nice to get my boots off, humm I thought I felt something in my boot.....

A present from West Bay.

Corr ........ 

It is nice to relax after a brilliant day with a refreshing "soft drink" hay......

A couple of days later.....Phil thought it would be nice to call in on Steam FM to have a look around the studio and to see Jon Robson. Here it is with the transmission mast behind it. http://www.steamfairfm.com/

Woodo mate, are you one of the presenters?

No he wasn't but this is, Jon Robson who interviewed Phil an who presents the breakfast show. Also Jon is responsible for all technical aspects of the station.

Jon was on the air an he showed me how the magic of radio is produced. Mark Gass Brown done his tractor pulling reports every morning on Jon's show, Phil didn't feel comfy to do them this year, jumping straight in after the loss of a great mate. Jon understood an they will see about doing it next year.
                                            Thank you Jon. 

With a mighty fine set of white bristles like mine under his nose is Roger Wrapson, Steam FM's editorial output and  Head of Traffic & Travel.

 Roger gives out up to date vital reports on what's happening on the A354 and other surrounding "hotspots" during the GDSF. 

What's next? A wonder through the craft tent for a mooch.   

Aye up its Jofli the Bear your ideal travel companion. 

Woodo Jofli's, where are you hoping to go? Can I half inch one of your back packs? The little gits said 'NO!'

We moved on to the food hall.

I do love me buns, I might buy a Belgium.... hold up... maybe not.... take a closer look..... 

Those aren't currents on top...they are wasps! I think I'll give them a miss.

What I will have is a pack of fantastic burgers from Broke Wood Farm. 

I buy them every year, they are DEE-LISH!

Sorted.....Right a call round to Shelley's bakery for some crusty cobs and a lardy cake or two an we are sorted for tonight's tea.

The mystery train was uncovered, its the Blue Circle, original built by Aveling & Porter back in 1926. This was arranged by the GDSF and the Shillingstone Station Volunteers, who have given up their free time to arrange special rides on this beautiful loco collecting for their charity to bring back steam to north Dorset.

I suppose I'd better put a photo of something to do with the tractor pulling as that's why we are here, This is Stuart Heath's tractor. Now it was called last year Pulling Pig, but he slaughtered the pig an covered it in barbecue sauce, so now its called Palled Pork. The tractor is an International with a Perkins Phaser engine with turbo and a intercooler. 

Health and safety is important, especially for me being a short wheelbase gopher, so when on the track it's necessary to be seen. A simple way is to wear a high viz vest. Also it's important to get as much advertising for this website as possible, well thanks to Lakes Embroidery, who come all the down to Dorset with their stall from Beverley near Hull, Phil and I have the perfect mobile advert on our backs. 

Saturday night has always been known as 'the party night', but this year it was 'the tribute night for Squirrel'. At 9pm all that could, lined up for a rev up for Squirrel. Phil with tears running down his face, talked over the mic with a rough made up on the spot speech while Norman Young tried to get Hot Pot started.

 I found this film on YouTube by Shane Squire of Phil's speech and the rev 

up. Thank you Shane Squire.

 I know this is a bit on soppy side but can I say a big thank you to Phill Parker who reached out his hands through the fence when Phil nearly broke down and held is hand through the speech, giving him support to carry on, You can hear Phill when the time of starting of Hot Pot should of been, is mentioned. 

Another film taken by Shane Squire on that Saturday night of Hot Pots second run. Now the right hand exhaust pipe falls off mid way, Look carefully you will see a figure behind the sledge run out to it. You will hear Phil shout ''Scruff careful.. careful" Scruff one of the Cornish pullers makes a grab for it.... ouch!!  

I mentioned at the start about Phil having help with the commentary, well this is Carol from The Cornish Tractor Pullers. Carol was a great help to Phil taking the weight off his shoulders, a really BIG thank you Carol xx   

Sticking with Cornish pullers,  Martin Quickfall's slightly twisted his tractor 'The Eagle has Landed'.

Humm something slightly wrong with this half shaft.

Arrr I think those splines are meant to be straight......

and there should be a few more teeth on this cog. The power from the 12 litre Roll Royse 'Eagle' engine through the back end duz put some serious strain on the working bits inside. 

How's this for an early steam roller.

A novel thing to find running in the middle of a field was Ian sat in his steam boat, now I do come across links in the strangest places. My first connection with Doctor Who was the episode 'Silence in the Library' with 'David Tennent' (the best) and the first appearance of 'Alex Kingston', who played...………                                              look at the name of the boat.

This engine reminds me of my Mamod model engine I have at home, it has that sort of basic shape.

Do you see what I mean?

A wonderful day with wonderful showman's engines.

Errrrm Aladdin….. the Disney musical version. Oh what you can come an watch at the GDSF is amazing, but I'll think I will pass on for now.

Being the 50th year of The GDSF, they have got together 500 steam engines, so they are everywhere.

There is my good friends Will an Alex's showman's engine Little Dawn.

This Carousel can be classed as an engine, cuz its power sauce in a steam engine in the middle.

Here is an engine joining the 100 tonne club by pulling the Allelys Heavy Haulage around the play pen unassisted. 

Loads more engines..... well rollers.

Inside the Steam Apprentice marquee the Mamod track has been improved from last year, I called in to find my mate. 

Ahhhh here he is, Justin Steam, he did look a bit on the tied side, He said he has been flat out with all the visitors that they've been having, plus he did confess that he had popped up to Arts earlier an had a drop of cider with his dinner. 

A look across the battle field, It duz make me shiver thinking of WW1 when this was a reality. 

A 20ft statue made of scrap created by the artist Martin Galbavy as a tribute to troops who fought in the First World War.

War horses.

A few lorries from the time of the war, not to sure if the were actually used or just been restored in period army colours. 

Remember that Dennis chassis I was stood on earlier, here is one with the rest of the lorry bolted to it.

Yep same back axle.

Busy in the play pen, I wonder there is traffic control or is it just a free for all?

A few more showman engines around by the fair.

Right to finish off this GDSF 2018 report is this beautiful mini pick up with a can of cider that I'd love to get my hands on in the back.

                     Well this years GDSF has been a very emotional one. 

Without Phil's commentating partner an a great mate Mark-Gass-Brown aka 'Squirrel', Phil at first felt alone and uncomfortable. The Saturday night 'tribute to Squirrel' was hard for him, but Phil said to me afterwards it seemed to set his mind to rest an it gave him the confidence.. not to 'take over' but to 'carry on' from Squirrel with the commentary at the GDSF and Welland Steam Rally. He is now looking forward to next year an so am I! 


I would like to thank Madeleine and Norman Young, Keren Yardley, Carol West an all who supported Phil tackle another challenge successfully.