Oz's travels.

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Phil an I went down to Dorset with Phill Parker.

We was here to do some Tractor pulling, well Phill Parker was. Phil was here to help out Squirrel on the commentry, an I was here to enjoy myself.

The Tractors lined up.
Plus the sledge.

Now lets not get this wrong but we arrived on the Saturday an the show didn't officially start until the Wednesday, so we had a few days to kill.

So we stated our spot in the beer tent. Here with Tom (Major Aggro back up) who's nick name is Dumb Spice.
An Mr Phill Parker who is a very funny fantastic guy.
Dorset Fair at night. Well a small.... very small part of it.
On our first day of pulling, one tractors had a bit of a miss hap. Chris let rip an broke the drive shaft in the gear box. The tractor was pushed on the back of a trailer so it would be on a flat surface, then cracked in half. 
Here is a few of the tractors that were there. Starting off with Major Aggro. Owner... Phil Parker.
The Beaver. Owner... Simon Borrough. 
This engine came out of a boat.
Ruff n Reddy. Owner... Stuat Dumont.
The Grave Digger. Owners... Will an Alex Steel.
The Custy Runt. Owner... Ian Wilton.
No name but its a Thorney croft Nubian. Owner... Norman Young.
Bat out of Hell. Owner... Will Keast.
Noise Pollution. Owner... James Yardley.
John Deere (Volvo f10 really). Owner... Owen Morgan.
The Eagle has landed. Owner... Richard Wills.
Thirsty work this so back to the beer tent for a swift half. Meeting up with some lads from Ireland.

A gentle plod back to the camp...hic... was needed so... OH hang on... BURP!! sorry... here are some more of the tractors.

The Stuffed Squirrel. Owner... Trevor Heal.
Why called the Stuffed Squirrel, cuz of this little chap bolted to the bonnet.
Forest Thunder. Owner... Gary "Dingle" Lockyer.

A very rare Ford 8340, I say rare its the only one left. 12 was made by ford for export, but the chap who was going to buy these hadn't got the money. So they had to be broken up. This one was saved but on the agreement that it didn't do any work of any kind. Tractor pulling isn't work its playing so that was aloud. Owner... Alan Parker.

G-Force. Owner... Giles Moston.
G-Force is one powerful tractor built to competition speck but Giles don't want to go that far, he likes to play more then compete. You do need to be bolted in securely.
Jungle Juice. Owner... Mark "Jungle" Junge.
Grey Ghost. Owner... Mick Huddard.
Leylands. Owners... (left) Matt McDermid.   (right) Jason Walton
No name. Owner... Luke Phillips.
Baddesley beast. Owner... Jason King.

Back in the watering hole again, having a drink with.. well you know the ugly bugger on the left, but on the right is Crockett. (nick name) Crockett is a mate of Dingle who owns Forest Thunder.

After a while I did feel a bit on the squiffy side an I do apologize about what I done next.
Bottoms up!!

I was soon taken back to camp where I slipped on my PJ's an chatted to Phil an Dingle for a while.

Then I was told by Dingle to go to bed.
Ok..... goodnight everybody. 
Next morning up early..ish an putting the kettle on for a good an strong cup of coffee.

Today was going to be an exciting day, for me that is. I am going to have a ride on Major Aggro and Forest Thunder.

Phil, Tom, Dingle an I having a pre-run chat.
Waiting for our go.

  A photo of me on Forest thunder ready for the ride down the track.

Phil filmed it........
The rest of the tractors.
No name. Owner... Richard Hunter.
Smart bit if stencilling, laser cut in the metal.

No name. Owner... Mark Miller.
Billy Big Wheels. Owner... Jim Thorne.
Bigga Unaff. Owner.. Bill Jopling.
Major Headache. Owner Stuart Mack.

This n That. Owner... Andrew(Jonty)Woolacott.

I'm a V8 mate. Owner... Scott Larkin.

Air Polution. Owner... Keren Yardley.

Nuffield. Owner... Matt Jopling.

An to finish off this page THE SLEDGE. Owner Paul and Ned Parker.