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The good jobs, now even better.

Since the DHL take over of all the Network Rail work, we was very privileged to get a job shifting two loads of tonne bags of rail ballast out of Northfleet in Kent to West Drayton in Berkshire. It was a moffett job aswell. That means Phil had his forklift (shep) bolted to the back of his trailer. Here's me inspecting the load at Northfleet before heading off to West Drayton. 

I bunged this photo on cuz I think I look proper trucker like, Ahh hang on! I don't have the Rigger boots or the Lumberjack shirt that's open to the waist showing a string vest with yellow stains down the front from the bacon an egg sarnies, Oh an the scrap metal hanging round my neck an on my finger's. We might just set that photo up one day.

Now do you notice who's doing all the work? Yep me. I didn't mined though, Driving Shep was brilliant.

After the job was done I loaded Shep back on the trailer. First you line up the forks an slide them onto the channels underneath the rear of the trailer, secondly lift Shep up so your wheels can clear the flat plates that you can see.

Thirdley you draw in the forks so Shep slides under the trailer like this, fouthley tilt them back so his bum lifts up. 

Then fifthly connect the two chains that are on the rear of Shep to the trailer, sixthly relax the hydraulics so Shep falls back taking up the slack on the chains, and seventhly connect the Suzy (that's the power wire) up to Shep to work the lights on the back... simple.

There you go a tidy job.

A sleeper job came up, it was taking seconds up to Blackpool. When I say seconds I mean sleepers that aren't good enuff for main line use. We met the chap in charge an he led us to the drop point. Here.......
The chap wondered where they could be unloaded and by what. Phil pointed out to him his Moffett an suggested about unloading in Lidl's delivery area. "Hmm!! good idea! we better ask first!" said the chap.  So Phil an this chap went across. When they came back Phil hopped in the lorry and said "Yep we are good to go, they won't be getting a delivery until 7pm." The time at this point was about 10.am. Phil positioned the lorry in the unloading area.

Phil then unstrapped while I took the Moffett off the back. I then lifted off the first pack of sleepers.

We then had to wait for a couple of lads to arrive to open the fence an to watch the road. This Moffett is Steve's, Shep.. that's our Moffett.. was a bit poorly.
Hmm one panel open of the fence should do an then I can put them where that pallet is. (just in front of my face in the photo) Its always a good idea to plan out a job before hand, it makes you look quite professional.

The chaps arrived an I got on with the job, with Phil placing out the timber's. We had to be careful not to put any weight on to the drainage curbstones or they would of collapsed. look at that all nice an tidy.
Right Moffetts on the lorry, timbers are put to the back of the trailer an strapped down, jobs all done.........         I'm off shopping!!!!
Well things have changed now, good jobs most days working for Mat and Adam Holloway. Shifting scrap is a lot less stressful job then shifting grain. We also had the chance of a bit of heavy haulage.

I had a go in this one.