Oz's travels.

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 When we bought Troutbridge the throttle was a push bike brake grip on the tiller and the cable from it rang down a gap by the tiller base. 

As we have changed the control location the gap is not required, so to stop water getting in Phil welded it up. 
The water tank has arrived from Jay Wolfe aka Float your Boat... looking very very very very nice, Phil could do with a hand lifting it in.... DAVE!!

If you require a tank, drinking water, waste or fuel.. plus other marine chandlery...                                         here is a link to their website...   floatyourboat 

When you buy a water tank for your boat, make sure it fits through the door, this one did... cuz I measured it!

NOT Murder on the dancefloor..... Oz on the dancefloor! "Oooo I like to boogie!"

Just the right size...  there's room for the pump and accumulator tank plus some storage around it.

The string is to mark out the bed level.

The pine wood surround cut an in temporary around the Houdini hatch. 

A start on replacing the ceiling, working out the order, cutting the centre ones to size, removal, paint the topside of the wood to give protection from damp, insulation inserted then fixed in place proper.. like. Sounds long winded but we think its worth the effort in the long run. After that a rub down and varnish.
Right! They were all put in then taken back out... ahh but first numbered from port to starboard... as by the photo the up side was painted, once nice and dry Phil put back in place. 
I stayed out side cuz Phil stuffed in the insolation... to itchy and scratchy for me!

Working systematically Phil soon had it done, a little filler around the corners, then a good rub down with the sander, a good blob of varnish and I think it will be a pleasure laying in bed looking up at that ceiling. Oh on ebay I managed to find a slide fly net an blind that was taken out of a caravan to go up to cover the Houdini hatch.