Oz's travels.

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 When we bought Troutbridge the throttle was a push bike brake grip on the tiller and the cable from it ran through a gap by the base of the tiller.

As we have changed the control location the gap is not required, so to stop water getting in Phil welded it up. 
The water tank has arrived from Jay Wolfe aka Float your Boat... looking very very very very nice, Phil could do with a hand lifting it in.... DAVE!!

If you require a tank, drinking water, waste or fuel.. plus other marine chandlery...                                         here is a link to their website...   floatyourboat 

When you buy a water tank for your boat, make sure it fits through the door, this one did... cuz I measured it!

NOT Murder on the dancefloor..... Oz on the dancefloor! "Oooo I like to boogie!"

Just the right size...  there's room for the pump and accumulator tank plus some storage around it.

The string is to mark out the bed level.

The pine wood surround cut an in temporary around the Houdini hatch. 

A start on replacing the ceiling, working out the order, cutting the centre ones to size, removal, paint the topside of the wood to give protection from damp, insulation inserted then fixed in place proper.. like. Sounds long winded but we think its worth the effort in the long run. After that a rub down and varnish.
Right! They were all put in then taken back out... ahh but first numbered from port to starboard... as by the photo the up side was painted, once nice and dry Phil put back in place. 
I stayed out side cuz Phil stuffed in the insolation... to itchy and scratchy for me!

Working systematically Phil soon had it done, a little filler around the corners an to cover the screws, then a rub down with the sander, a blob of varnish and I think it will be a pleasure laying in bed looking up at that ceiling. Oh on ebay I managed to find a fly net an blind that was taken out of a caravan to go up to cover the Houdini hatch. 

With what's been going on in 2020, Covid 19.... we have had no steam rally's to go too, so we have had NO holiday. Phil was adamant to crack on with Troutbridge so he booked the first week off in November. He made it a priority to complete the ceiling. 

Monday he got to work..... Above the bed area is the shelf that did have those port holes on the left, as they have now gone it can be filled in and insulated, so a making up a frame was Phil's first job. This was a very tricky job so he wanted to get it out the way, he was glad cuz it took a bit to do, due to all the angles. 

You can see it wasn't straight forward.

It fitted in perfect first try that amazed me, he is getting pretty nifty is ahh Phil. 

Two side trims across the top of the window were made, then Phil started on the cross members, these were cut to length then bent to follow the contour of the roof.

End of Monday... I came down to tell Phil his tea was nearly ready an I took this photo before Phil painted them, so they will be nice and dry for the morning, I buggered of quick cuz he don't paint things lightly... he wallops paint on them and other things in close proximity gets covered as well... i.e. ME!
Tuesday.. More cross members cut and fitted, plus metal brackets made to pin in the ends of the cross members, then pained.  

Tongue and groove cladding measured/cut/drilled then fitted. You saw the angle of the front frame so cutting the cladding to fit the front, Phil measured twice before cutting. 

Looks finished.... NOPE! its all going to be taken out, then the topside painted to give it protection. 

Then its put back in, plus the insulation inserted. 

Making sure that the first section done properly was important, getting them straight due to the following cladding needs to follow suit. 

Wednesday... After a late start, due to Phil had a appointment at the quacks, don't worry it was only to have a thyroid review.. blood test, weight check (he bust the scales he he) Anyway he got stuck in and completed all the frame work ready for boarding tomorrow.

Thursday... Well you know how it is... you have one idea, then you happen to go on ebay and find something that changes things. We had the light situation sorted inside an then I came across a pair of bronze bulkhead lights. 

We was looking for one to go on the back to illuminate the deck area. I could not resist them so I bought them. I then had the idea of the other one going on the ceiling between the shower and toilet at mid ships. I ran down the yard to see Phil before he paneled the ceiling. I caught him just in time as you can see in the photo. Phil luckily thought it was a great idea an soon put this extra timber board in, so the light can be securely screwed to it cuz it being bronze it may be a fair weight. Also Phil ran a conduit pipe to the back for the wire... that's what the string is for to feed the wire thought the pipe.

As before Phil put the cladding up.....
Then took them down to paint the topside.....

Then bunged them back up with insulation inserted as well, you can see Phil was wise enough to wear his overalls rubber gloves and a face mask, I stayed outside.

Done, I will say to you that they are very slightly out of line... I pointed them out to Phil and he said. "the cladding is straight, its Troutbridge that's bent!"  We laughed, I can't fault him, he has been working hard. 

Oh the bit of string he had through the conduit earlier fell out just after he had finished, he was NOT going to take down the cladding again, he had a right game to thread the red wire back through. Finally he succeeded after quite a few naughty words were said! 

The rear section..... Fridays mission.

Friday.. no measuring, no cutting... apart from the plastic holding the packs of cladding together, no pre drilling and no pre installation, just the topside painted. 

By Phil's plan was to go for gold and fit 16 x full length (2.4 meters) cladding planks in the last section of the ceiling. That's how he has measured up the job as, so lets see if he got it right.

                                                                BOB ON!

He did have to shape the joining ends a little to match the slightly not straight (as I pointed out yesterday) boards of the mid section, at the most he trimmed off about 10mm, anyway his gamble paid off, nice one mate.

                        You can't even slide a sheet of paper up at the end! 

Going back to when Phil made the door frame, he had planed for the cladding to run into the channel above the door....

                                                     Well they did perfectly.

                        MY BEST MATE PROUD OF HIS WORK, AS I AM OF HIM! 

There are 266 screws holding that lot up, there should of been 267.... shush... don't tell him... I can point out the missing one to friends in the future he he he.

Saturday... Phil took out the the front panel cladding cuz he wasn't happy with it, he then started a fresh. this time he got the angles correct and equally lined up with out any gaps top or bottom. he then went on to get the wood filler out and covered the screws in the front, the joins between the four sections, plus filled in open knot holes.

                     All in all there is one thing we can both say about this week......

                                                MISSION COMPLETED!

Sunday... last day of the holiday...  Last year we grabbed the chance to talk to a chap called Andy from River Canal Rescue, when they were in the yard helping out our mate Geoff with a problem on his boat, I showed Andy over Troutbridge, it was when we had just started ripping out.. Andy pointed out a few things we needed to do, due to the new safety regulations that where coming out. At the time the stove was still in and it was set on a wooden board, well Andy said it will need to be set on a non combustible material, "a concrete paving slab?" I asked! "perfect" said Andy. 
 Phil made the frame a few months ago, today he sat it on three bits of box steel.... not to make a very heavy duty sledge.... it was so it could be set in on Troutbridge and welded in place to stop it moving around. 

Here it in place, but not welded yet until the stove has been set it the correct position, the dods of wood are there for now, because it would be too ruddy heavy to shunt it about with that slab in place. 

Ahh well a great holiday, cuz I did nowt apart from read my copy of Gary Numan's Autobiography (R)evolution and drink gallons of tea. 

  Phil though, has worked long and hard to complete I think an excellent job of that  ceiling. It pays to think about a job first and to take notes from people in the know.    Phil... who has not be trained by anybody had a go, and succeeded. He has shot himself in the foot though, I will expect that type of quality job through the rest of Troutbridge he he. 

                                              Back on the road Monday!