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       Starting off in Jan 2021 with a covering of the white stuff, not milk.... snow. 

                                                How pretty Troutbridge looks.

With the ruff weather we are having, work on Troutbridge is being held up a little, but saying that Phil managed to get the chance to weld into place the base for the stove, lift in the slab, then he fabricated out of steel, a hearth around the slab to stop any of that naughty hot ash setting fire to the floor boards.  
Painted for now with red oxide, but later on I'll give it a covering with heat resistant paint. We are just waiting for some fire rope to be delivered an soon the flue can be fitted. A rebuild of the inside (taken out due to moving it about) Then we will be giving it a try. 
I like doing a best mates together photo, this one was taken near to the end of April, Phil still has his winter goat-t. 
I have been thinking, as the steam rally's have been cancelled for 2021, we will be using our holidays to work on Troutbridge, so leaving the inside until then, I decided for Phil to start the repaint of Troutbridge's outside. He soon set up the island along side an got to work. A rub down then a thick coat of Regal Prime & Seal anti-corrosive metal primer. 

That looks a lot better, plus it will give good strong protective covering. 

The lower section done.....

Looking good, if you have noticed the bickie tin on the roof, that is covering the bolt holes and the wire hole for the white navigation light that will be fitted there.

Getting back to the stove, we did fit the stainless steel flue pipe. We was very lucky with the z section.... you wouldn't believe it, I found it in a scrap bin! saving us at least £45. 

I mentioned the bickie tin on top, well it was covering the holes for this... the white navigation light, I wasn't keen on it at first... Phil bought it.... But now its in place it has that unique look to it that looks right for Troutbridge, well done Phil, nice one mate!

I helped Phil shift the solar panel towards the back of Troutbridge.......
So now we can rub down the roof an carry on painting...... that is weather permitting... at this point we are in last weeks of May an we are having a typical British summer......... RAIN MOST FREQUENT!!!

The new engine was put in a fair time ago, Dave an Phil leveled it a up a week ago an made sure the gearbox to the propeller shaft married up together precisely so the bolts could slide in with ease, If they didn't slide in, then the holes were out of line an there was no room for error at this point! a tap with a brummie screw driver (hammer) was a no no. If out of line, when in motion it could rip the drive shaft or even the gearbox apart... not good!

I designed a bracket to come off the gearbox to hold the control cables. At the mo we have just fitted the red throttle cable and the thin black pull stop cable. The gear cable is on order.

The red arrow is the throttle linkage an the blue the pull stop. On the last engine there was no need for the pull stop it cut out as soon as Phil took his hand off the throttle.

The alternator fitted and new belt due to Phil couldn't find the one I took off! 

A good scrub round with a scrapper an then a wire brush before a thick coat of that anti rust primmer paint. 

Both sides and under the engine. When hardened we will paint it again with grey Rust-Oleum all-surface paint. The house brick you can see is resting on one of the bilge pumps just to keep it standing up right, I thought I'd just point it out if you was curious. 

The gear cable arrived, I cheated a little by buying the appropriate cable brackets. The thing I had to do was just to work out how to fit them in place. I did get a head of myself when I fitted the plate on top of the gearbox, a modification was needed so I created this to fit to it.

The cables fed up to the leavers.

To fit the brackets below the leavers, a hole had to be cut in the side of the control pillar. This may look a bit drastic, but when I make the plate to go cover this, the ignition barrel will be set into it.

Ally plate cut and ignition barrel plus two light switches fitted.

Phil found the wiring loom an I refitted it, we will get a new one made at a later date.

Phil carried on with the painting as I was fitting the loom, half of the roof done.

Another leek sorted, the old water filler pipe ironically let in water, rain water! not what you want really when A.. its not got a pipe connected at the mo, so it leeks into the boat.. an B when a pipe is connected plus too the water tank, you don't want to contaminate your drinking water! Sods law the new solid brass one the bolt holes did not match the old one, so Phil had to drill out new an fill the old.  

The good weather is holding in the first couple of weeks in June, so I got Phil to wallop some more paint on. 

This was at the end of a Saturday afternoon.....

We set the island up ready for the Sunday morning......no rest for Phil! 

Sunday started being off a touch on the warm side, well it got hotter as the day went on, brave Phil donned his overalls an got to work rubbing down. He started off with the roof, then down... errr the port side finishing off with the starboard side.

Then following the same plan started walloping on the paint, now he couldn't stop once he had started, the temperature of the hull was burning his knees an instantly drying the paint. Phil put a base coat on, took a long drink of water, then cracked on with the second coat. 

Phil was very re-leaved when he was done, he took a long rest in the shade! Troutbridge is now looking fantastic.... No more looking like we are Aston Villa supporters! 

A chap walking by, funny enough where this photo was taken from, called across and said "A battleship!" Phil called back "bang on mate she is!" Phil then explained to him about Troutbridge... hopefully another visitor of my website... Hello if you are.

The following weekend was a lot cooler, mission that Phil agreed to do.... well with a slight persuasion from me... anyhow he had the job of fitting a tin cabinet on the rear bulkhead next to the water heater.  

Not just that, he fitted the breaker board inside. Plus relocated the solar panel unit inside. 

First weekend in July an Saturdays Jobs are...... Number 1..... above the newly fitted water input hole was a hole that had the overflow pipe sticking out of it, well a thought about it an got Phil to relocate the new one a bit lower. Where it was it would of run water back down the input hole, washing any dirt that might be around down, plus boarding round the window would look untidy with a pipe being there. Number 2 job blanking the old hole up. Two ally plates with a stainless bolt in the middle to clamp them together and a blob of sealant. A quick an easy job.  

You can see what I mean about the old overflow pipe being so close to the hole. 

                                                                Tidy job. 

Job 3.... Another water output.... (old Photo) rear output to a bilge pump that was stationed in a tub that the shower waste ran into.... well the hull output pipe was removed, the hole enlarged, then the exhaust for the night heater was fitted. 

There it is........

Lets take a closer look.

Well as Phil had fitted that, Job 4 was to carry on an fit the rest of the night heater! 

Job 5... A whiz around with the grinder cleaning off the rust on the lower bulkhead an the first section of floor. Then a very good coat of red oxide to seal it.

Sunday.... I had planned to fit the running lights on the sides of Troutbridge today, but heavy showers buggered that up, so a Phil walloped a coat of paint on the outer rear bulkhead and I ........

..........fitted the tiny but very bright led light next to the ignition.

Another purchase for the engine is an air cleaner box + filter from Industrial Engines in Grimsby. They are suppliers of engines and parts for industrial equipment, please check out their website... link... industrialenginesuk.com. They might have the parts you need an they don't hang about sending them too you. Thank you Trevor. 

Engine running and a throttle and gear control check.... 

                                                           A very BIG step in the right direction! 

Navigation lights.... to follow suit with the white one on the front, I found appropriate brass ones for the sides. 

These came with no rubber gasket to go between the hull and the light, so I got too work with a thin rubber sheet an cut out a pair. Phil drilled and tapped a thread in the side of the hull for the bolts. We could of just put a nut on the inside but if/when a bulb go's for a Burton, we wont be able to get to the nuts on the inside when it is all paneled out.                                 Red on the port side.

And green on the starboard. Phil tries not to get in on many photos, but this one was self taken, he planned for it to be cropped down just to show the light..... 

                               WRONG! I liked it so it is staying like this ha ha ha.