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The plan to get a new exhaust system was scrubbed due to the old one.... after a close inspection..... seemed to be in very good condition, apart from a covering of melted paint with a dash of surface rust. Phil took out the grinder with the plastic polishing mop an got too work.

It cleaned up pretty well.

It looked brand new after I gave it a spray with the heat resistant paint we had left over from the chimney collar. 

Another reason why we decided to use the old one was, we didn't want to cut out the rear hull mounting. A clean up with the mop, a good blob around with exhaust sealant..... 

....... an it was soon fitted. Oh.... a clean up of the original bolts first was necessary, slight coat of rust on the threads... it has been a fair while since it was all taken apart! 

All fitted, but with a flexi pipe fitted as requested by Mike (who we got the engine off). On the old engine the exhaust was fixed ridged, Mike said, "after a time of running, it being ridged, it would damage the exhaust manifold mounting bolts due to the continuous vibration." Thanks Mike, good advice to save any future problems.

Another film of the engine running........ but quieter.

Luckily one day Phil came across a length of exhaust wrap that was thrown out. We washed it and stored it away for this very job. As normal we could find it at first, but after a while it was found. the perfect length, another saving!

Next job is to make the box that fits on the starboard side of the engine, that is the hot air extraction tunnel.