Oz's travels.

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I thought the black and white photos used as the header pic of the pages looked great, but this time as Troutbridge is now grey, I thought I'd leave this one in colour.

A little job one Saturday afternoon was to fabricate out of aluminium a dial holder for the oil pressure and the fuel gauge. I didn't want them on deck where they would be out in the elements, so they were pensioned in the engine bay. I plumbed in the oil pressure gauge thanks to Mike (who we got the engine off) supplying all the correct fitting, cheers mate. The fuel gauge needs wiring up, a job for a little latter on. 

Phil made the bases for the shower and toilet some time ago, one of his first welding jobs as I recall, anyway its about time they were set in place. 

Typical Phil didn't take any photos of the fabrication of the box steel bases to the bases.... if you get me drift, he then cut the holes in the very uneven original floor to get at the new flat floor underneath. 

Before lifting them in Phil got to work with the grinder and a twist wire head to clean off all the loose rust. A vacuum all around, then he set the bases in place and welded them down. Not bang on but very close... just a few mill out, but that'll do for me! The rectangle section (bottom left) cut out is for the sump tub that the drain will run into, then the pump inside the tub will pump the water up out of the drain that..... come to think of it needs to be fitted.... "Phil..... found another little job for you." 

A ruddy good coat of red oxide paint for now, then later on a coat of bitumen to waterproof it.  

We set out timbers on the cross members and the scaffolding plank you can see will be the level of the floor... funny enough the floor will be made of sanded down scaffolding planks.