Oz's travels.

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"Walls!" Not sausages or ice cream.... shower and toilet! Technically I should say bulkheads within a ship A 'GOOD FRIDAY' job that took longer then planned but became a 'GOOD JOB' done in the end. It now sets out the parameters inside for the rest to be built.

Easter, Jacks first time on Troutbridge, another run up the cut but a bit further this time...... Phil says it all!

Then on the way back.........

Ribs..... not with barbecue sauce though.... Saturday cutting, drilling, painting then bolting up. More to do on Sunday.

Sunday... Phil carried on to fit six more ribs, two with cross members, I did take some photos but Phil was so proud he filmed a walk around Troutbridge.......

Phil has done well again, he has done the ceiling for my captains cabin. He has made a bit of a video blog about it.

Front section around the port hole now boarded. Ceiling is now from front to back or should I say from bow to stern.