Oz's travels.

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"Walls!" Not sausages or ice cream.... shower and toilet! Technically I should say bulkheads within a ship A 'GOOD FRIDAY' job that took longer then planned but became a 'GOOD JOB' done in the end. It now sets out the parameters inside for the rest to be built.

Easter, Jacks first time on Troutbridge, another run up the cut but a bit further this time...... Phil says it all!

Then on the way back.........

Ribs..... not with barbecue sauce though.... Saturday cutting, drilling, painting then bolting up. More to do on Sunday.

Sunday... Phil carried on to fit six more ribs, two with cross members, I did take some photos but Phil was so proud he filmed a walk around Troutbridge.......

Phil has done well again, he has done the ceiling for my captains cabin. He has made a bit of a video blog about it.

Front section around the port hole now boarded. Ceiling is now from front to back or should I say from bow to stern. 

Phil was just about to fit the first panel inside, when I had a thunk an pointed out to Phil about the spot lights that will be on the front... where will the wires come into the boat. Phil patted me on the back and we set out about working it out. We drilled out a hole either side and fed through the wire with a rubber grommet to stop any water... a job that wasn't planned for that day done an dusted.  Plus it would of been a right pain if we would of had too take out all the panels to do latter.

Errrrrrr hang on I'll get it in a second........ left is....... port... yep! An easy way to remember is left and port has the same amount of letters, anyway... port side insulated and panel fitted. The starboard one is cut out an with a little more shaping will be fitted soon. 

Starboard panel fitted, looking quite cozy....

       Next plan for the front is the floor to my cabin.... AIN'T IT PHIL!!    "yes Oz"

Rear of the boat floor, extra support added to the floor boards by adding a section of angle iron along the rear bulkhead. 

Phil's had plan for the next job, but it had a floor in it!...... It was to fit my floor to my Captains cabin, woo hoo nice one mate! Phil built the frame work, that took a while due to the angles of the boat, then cut out the floor and painted it. 

Not a level photo....... but its in place. 

Out of the same bit of board Phil made a shelf.

Plywood on order, insulation in and ready. I asked Phil what has he planed for my floor... he said "that's it!" I said Nooooooo! Phil replied "only joking mate wait an see!"

Out of a Oak floorboard we made a nice edge to cover the wire.

We trimmed down another bit for along the top, reminds me of the top rail on a classic mini dashboard. 

Well!!!! I was agog when I came down to have a look at my cabin, a real oak floor! needs sanding down and a varnish... but I think its fantastic... cheer's Phil.

Hummm, just working out what side my bed is going on......

Another wet weekend, so work planed was put on hold. Time being short I suggested to Phil to do those annoying little jobs like....

                                  filling in the gap around the front porthole.

Then too crack on with my cabin.... He cut down some more oak and made and fitted  skirting boards and then the oak rail along the front.

Fitted the top rail with an extra oak trim to hide the ruff edge along the back of it.

Wow! it looks fantastic, if that's the level of detail Phil is prepared to put into Troutbridge, then Troutbridge will be a very special boat to live in. 

                                       Your wonderful Phil... thank you xx 

The gap we left around the chimney, due to it will get hot when the stove is lit, made us scratch our heads on how we are going to fill it in. 

Finally we came up with a solution.... I bought some fire resistant insolation, that is used in pizza ovens, fitted that into the gap, then recycling some fire board that was in the original fire place on Troutbridge, cut to shape and screwed up to cover the gap. To top it off give it a coat of heat resistant paint. Phil was going to paint the rest of the chimney, I suggested not too until we see how the bit he has painted reacts when we light the stove.

Phil had a relaxing weekend, I let him work in his bed..... sorry..... work ON his bed!

Sunday 10th July 22, told Phil to down tools, clear them plus all unnecessary things off Troutbridge, I have had a meeting with a chap... called Paul... about a very important issue on Troutbridge, plus a few other things. This may become another big turning point for HMS Troutbridge.

Nice to have a photo of Troutbridge in a different location, moored outside Caggy's boatyard in Tipton. (We did film the trip, so when I get chance to edit the footage it will be on YouTube.)

It was hard to leave her sat so alone. 

She was lifted out the water with no problems.

But on first inspection by Paul and John at Caggy's, their first opinion of the hull below the water line wasn't good. We have booked a chap to come and do a survey. 

The journey... a continuous take.. (filmed from start to finish.) 

                                                          broken down in four parts.                                                       

                                                                  Part one.

Well!! I did say this maybe a big turning point to Troutbridge, I was right! Dave Freeman from Stafford came out and spent a most interesting day surveying Troutbridge, an found she needs a new bottom. That is..... look at the photo above, see the rubbing strip above my head, just below the rubber fender hanging down....  draw a line from that along the side around Troutbridge, all 'ish' we need to see yet, needs replacing. A BIG JOB!  

All hands 'on'... sorry 'below' deck to empty Troutbridge. Luckily the way Phil and I have built it so far, it was easy to dismantle, screws and bolts... no nails or glue. First the ballast, then after a session with the marker pen the timber.  

Ballast on two pallets that can be then moved to a safe place in the yard. Yes she has moved place...... we forgot to put the hand brake on an she rolled back.... Only joking!

The vans not ours, if you look to the left of it you will see our little trailer fully freighted to take back to Oldbury.  

The following weekend Phil dismantled and removed the bilge pumps from the engine bay, disconnected fuel lines, control cables, electric cables, exhaust, removed alternator and unbolted the engine so it's ready to be lifted out.