Oz's travels.

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Phil an I went to the Country Festival at Stoneliegh (where we took the photo's of Bigfoot an Maine) as we was walking round the model area we spotted a scratch built display of the three minis (classic) out of the Italian Job. They had a sign saying for sale make me an offer. Phil was straight in with "how about £10?. The chap who was selling them wasn't there at the time, but his friend said "he wants a lot more then that!". After a while he turned up an Phil got down to some serious haggling. In the end £60 was agreed on an Phil bought them. The chap who built them was called Mark Reaves, and I must say they are fantastic. The minis are based on the deleted scene on the ice ring. 

                                              Take a look.  

 Phil asked Mark if he could sign it aswell, Mark was well chuffed it was the first time anyone has asked for his autograph.