Oz's travels.

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On the weekend of 14th - 15th June 08 was the S E Davis tractor and traction show. We was up there tractor pulling like last year. I was sat out the front on my Mini Mad Massey tractor waiting to have a go on the sledge. Phil and his brother Dave was working with the sledge coupling and uncoupling the tractors. I was situated over by Squirrel who is the commentator, when some thing happened....... Apparently Phil came across to Squirrel for a chat at dinner time and noticed I was gone..... On the seat of my tractor was a note.

  I did hear it read out over the PA by Squirrel. I also herd that Phil did have his suspicions who could of taken me so he set a bit of a trap by saying.... after a while of course..... that I had turned up and was in the bigmin. He watched for a certain persons reaction. She did disappear. Phil watched to see where she had gone. He wondered If she had gone to check, but she came back with a drink looking as cool as a cucumber.

After a while a photo of me turned up on the port-a-loo door.
Well as you can see I was in the beer tent so I wasn't having too bad of time. Oh that's cider in the glass.Time went on an the sun started to set...... Well at this point I was a bit wobbly an fancied a lie down for a while. Phil found me back in his tent with a note.
The little gift was a drinks token for a free pint in the beer tent. He left me to sleep it off, to go an enjoy his pint, cheer's hic... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz