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Mamod, working steam models. Mamod company was founded in 1936 in Birmingham UK by Geoffrey Malins. The name is a portmanteau of 'Ma' lins 'Mod' els'. Malins started off making steam engines which were sold under the Hobbies brand name but he soon started selling them under the Mamod brand name.

Phil was given a Mamod traction engine when he was little. He showed it to me an we fired it up. I loved it... SO.......

                                                                     I WANTED MY OWN!!! 

So I bought a roller.

Looking on ebay one day I found a Mamod train set for sale. With Phil's help (and money) we managed to win it. Well that started a big project off in the back garden. Dave (Phil's brother), Phil an I set to work designing and building a garden railway. Here are early shots of the layout.

Starting off from the house down to the end of the garden.

Phil made the working turntable out of an industrial barring he found in the scrap, two bits of aluminium girder cut an shaped for the sides, plywood and a tin tray.
Bottom station... to be.
Dave thought it would be great to have a tunnel. Using railway sleepers Dave made this bunker. He felted the top of the tunnel an filled it up with soil.
The top of the tunnel opens so if a train derails we can access it.
Phil made the bridge out of wood with aluminium box section  for the sides. The bridge is hinged so it can be lifted up to access around the side.
The track go's into the shed so the loco's have a proper engine shed.
The track then loops around the rockery.
The water tower was made out of a oil filter, a piece of galvanised pipe and a piece of copper pipe. The ladder was made up from two thin brass pipes, each carefully drilled down one side and a load of thinner brass pipes glued between them to make the runs of the ladder. Detail is crucial in modelling.
Dave's wooden girder bridge and top station.
Top station with a walkway for the passengers.
The viaduct with plywood sides. Phil spent a long time doing the brick effect with his Dremal.
Looking along the track across the bridge down to the tunnel. It duz look impressive.
Here's a bit of footage taken as a dry run out of the shed down the track across the bridge and through the tunnel. Shame the engine ran out of steam before it got to the end of the track.
Now here are more up to date photos, it was the weekend I painted my Tardis (See Doctor Woz page).
The tunnel behind me doesn't go anywhere but it makes a nice feature to the layout.
We won the signal box off ebay. It was scratch built out of an old wine box. Phil stripped it down made the little hatch on the side, put the chimney on the top, grooved out the planking design on the sides, painted it green and slated the roof.
He also made the booking office for the top station.
The bunker planted with errr...... plants and a couple of small conifers.
Just a minute! I just need to water the plants, Oh see the sign by me, Phil cut out the lettering from one piece of wood with a router. He also made the window frames on the shed to make it look like a signal box.
No we didn't move the signal box, Phil made another one for the bottom station. A station building is in the pipe line.
The engine shed is still in progress. Phil has slated the top but has a big job slating the rest of the roof. It will be painted red brick colour. Oh an yes its another water tower Phil has made.