Oz's travels.

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Lots of people most in costumes so I dressed up as my Fav Doctor Who, you've guest it the 10th Doctor....David Tennant.
Well I haven't a clue what they are selling, Hang on Jack  (Phil's nephew) Just told me that they are computer game characters.
Popular things but I'm not interested. They do look my size though.
A stall that interest me, it loaded with Doctor Who stuff plus classic programs DVD. The stall holders are very nice, I spent a lot of time here chatting. Oh I did buy a few things as well.
Top Gears "the stig"
iron man. this costume was fantastic. the mask opens up just like it dose on the film. Shame it was made of plastic.
MCM Comic con stewards who helped phil and I out were Katie and Anastasia.
Lee majors one of Phil hero's. Phil's a big fan of The fall guy.
Phil, ME an Lee.

These great guys are David Hollis and Martin Bradley, Both photographers with cameras and lenses  as big as me.

David gave me his card to his website 'UGLY 1'. Here's a the link http://ugly1.foliopic.com/ Check it out.

On display were some props used in TV programs.

I recognised Kryton's Head from Red Drawf, Private Lumley from camberwick green an a Terminators head.

That reminds me of the full size figure I saw in Florida... check out Oz in the USA page 8.
A Weevils head from Torchwood.
A Sontarans head from 1973 Doctor Who.

Mobile Massage had a stand giving out free....... well do I need to say more.

Here's their link to their website, http://www.mobilemassageuk.net/

 Here's  Joy  one of there lovely assistance.

Ahhhh Thank you Joy you do have a magic touch.

Asterix and Obelix, one of my favourite collection of books.

Here we have David and Nathan, great costumes lads.

Back to the future, great films. When Phil spotted the DeLorean we had to have a photo.

 Phil even dressed up as Marty.

                                                                              Doctor Who's Assistants.

Katy Manning. Katy did do a very saucy  photo shoot with a Dalek, I will let you google that.

Famous Doctors Assistant for laying into A Dalek with a baseball bat. Sophie Aldred.

I got caught by the Apes, Ooooo nasty!!! don't worry the one in the middle is holding me up.

I bumped into someone my size and the same glasses, he was Philosophy bear from Bishops High school in Chester.

                                                              Two reproductions of the cars from Transformers 

Barricade the Decepticon cop car

Bumblebee from the Autobots
"Any chance of a lift home Bumblebee?"

To finish off this page I met another 10th Doctor fan Jamie Rhead.