Oz's travels.

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March 19th....
Another great day at the MCM Comic Con Birmingham. This time I dressed up as Benton Fraser from the Due South tv series. I have my own wolf Diefenbaker. You will see where I found Dief on my Oz in the USA, Page 3.

I was wandering around when I a blue glow caught my eye. Over the other side of the hall a glowing figure intrigued me. I went over to investigate. I found Jay Vanian with his self made costume. I was very much impressed.

Another chap we had a chat with, Due to he was curious about Phil's Canadian Mounties Hat, was Simon Richards dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.
Kim Hartman and Richard Gibson from 'Allo 'Allo!. We had a nice little chat. Kim lives not too far away from us.
Danny John-Jules from Red Dwarf and Death in Paradise.
Robert Llewellyn also from Red Dwarf plus Scrapheap Challenge.

Murray Melvin an actor I've seen in Torchwood  an Johnathan Creek.

Mad Max 1,Yellow Interceptor This car is Ford Falcon XB sedan with a 351 V8 engine.
Jack dressed a NCIS Special Agent found Doctor Who's Tardis, but was soon trapped by the Daleks....Oooo nasty!

He was alright though, Jack has a way with Daleks.

Face off!!
Talking about face off, I had to stop Dief having a go at K9.
My pose with the black Dalek .before....
..... my miss behaving wolf nearly had a widdle up it. I did manage to stop him.
Colin Spaull who played Mr Crane in Doctor Who had a go in the Dalek.
Another actor who classes acting as a job, not a lifestyle.  thanks to Jack wanting to point out to him about those ear pieces he wore in Doctor Who are getting close to really excising, we managed  to have a good long natter with him.

November 19th....

Joshua Gough approached me and asked me if he could have his photo taken with me, I was honoured, so after I had my photo with him.
Sophie Marie Scanlon, dressed as Osgood and Daniel Brown, dressed as the 3rd Doctor were great fun.
Phil was over the moon to meet Sally Geeson. Sally stars in many things but is most well known from the 70's comedy Bless this house.
I had my chance for a photo with Sally aswell.

We didn't know he was there..... Jack walked round the corner and was surprised to see.......

                                                                                                   Peter Davidson.

Sat next to Peter was Terry Molloy who played Davros.