Oz's travels.

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Saturday March 18th, A trip out to Comic Con at the NEC Birmingham. I had planed to dress up as........

 I won't say what cuz I'll save it for the next one. Anyway, Doctor Woz came back out again due to one of the celebrities is..... Billie Piper!

I was never really interested in the Transformer films until I watched half of one on telly. It looked good so one day I'll watch the other half of the film.

           Here is a copy of the Truck.....                                                                                                       Octopus prime suspect.

Aye up, found me another Tardis,  oh an a Dalek.

As we wondered around the stalls I chatted to two lovely ladies,(from left to right) Brittany and Rachel who were very impressed with my Tardis.  

                  Next minute we know we got invaded by the Dalek,

             Jack was soon on the case though an tamed the beast.

While queuing to get in to Comic Con we chatted to Ying from London. Ying came up with her nephew who I didn't meet due to he was all ready inside dressing in to a MCM costume. Even though how big and packed out Comic Con was we bumped into Ying a few times. It was great to meet you Ying an I hope you made it home safely. It would be nice to bump in to you again.
Philip Jackson. I think best known for  playing Chief Inspector Japp in the TV series Poirot, but I know him more as Jaz Milvane in the radio comedy Ed Reardon's Week. Being an avid BBC 4 Extra listener Philip's voice has appeared in a lot of productions. 
The two Phil's. Possible radio comedy....... My Phil is to ugly for the telly...... he duz agree.

I couldn't resist a cuddle from Kara Zor-El ie Supergirl. Amy was happy to oblige me.

Gareth David-Lloyd, best known as Ianto Jones from Torchwood. Gareth duz a lot of work narrating audiobooks. Phil an I listen to a lot of audiobooks while out on the road, so we will be looking into what Gareth has done.
Phil favorite American TV series is NCIS, Phil being dressed up as special agent Gibbs we found  another fan dressed up as Abby Sciuto....... errr sorry we didn't get your name.

Peter Purves, actor an presenter who stared in the first series of Doctor Who, Blue Peter, Kick Start and a series that Phil has seen filmed live, Super Dogs. Jack chatted to Peter about Doctor Who an Phil found a interesting fact about Super Dogs. It was a very popular series with high ratings, but there was a chap at the BBC who changed the viewing times on each series until it lost its following an was axed, due to he didn't like dogs!! What a selfish clown!

David Soul, Paul Michael Glaser and Antonio Fargas the original cast of Starsky & Hutch.

 Phil was never a fan, sticking with the British series...... The Professionals.

Our photo with Billie.
While Jack was off having his photo shoot with Gareth David-Lloyd I was interested  in a photo shoot going on nearby, Charlotte Pitson dressed up as...... ???? well I don't know what character  is called or what from, anyway I had to have a nose.
I think I must of made Charlotte jump.
I stood my ground!! See I'm a very brave Gopher.

                                 Nerr we was only mucking about,

 A smidgen of film after the last shot was taken where Charlotte did bop her own head.    

The cute shot.

      Charlotte and I was under direction from Lawrence Homewood from                                          Kitsch Photography...... 


                   link to website...... https://www.kitsch.co.uk/


                           His card underneath the photo.

Saturday November 18th

The Tardis and I safely bolted into the car for trip to COMIC CON.  

Ahh..... first mission was to tackle a Cyber man. I set to work with my sonic screwdriver.

That's it..... I soon tame the beast an he even gave me a cuddle.

Now Davros was a different story. Me being so small I thought just to take the micky I would sneak up an lean against him for a secret selfie.

Nice to see K9 but he got a bit over emotional an slobbered WD40 over me.

Keith Allen, I know him more from the Comic Strip episodes he has featured in. he is more known knower days playing the part as the  sheriff of Nottingham, Keith did have that very powerful presents to him.... As you can see in the photo. 

A cuddle from a Cyber man was nice but a cuddle from Sara Castle was wonderful. It was a real pleasure meeting Sara and Theodore xx.

Chris Barrie. We had a chat about the Great Dorset Steam Fair, Chris said he would like to go there one day. Phil offered Chris a track side view of the tractor pulling and a possible go on one of the tractors........ well you never know. Chris has drove many things in the tv series Britons Greatest Machines, so jumping on a tractor would a peace of cake.

On our way out I came across some more 10th Doctor characters, they were from a Facebook group called the 15th cyber legion.  I'm not on Facebook but do please check them out.