Oz's travels.

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On the 29th June 2016 Phil an I delivered a load of coal to The Great Central Railway in Loughborough. Here is where we tipped the coal.
To get in you have to back in from a housing estate, through a gate that is right of the Landrover in the photo. You back down a steep ramp, across a wooden railway sleeper bridge that crosses the signal/points cables from the signal box. Under the bridge then round a blindsided corner into the coal bay. Phil loves a challenge.
While Phil was working I went off to look around the engines. He then came and found me an took these photos.
"Love me tender" The chassis is original but the rest was remanufactured. They have made a great job of it.
A refurbished boiler waiting to be dropped back on to it chassis.
Inside the shed. You can see the chassis for that boiler behind me.
Now for BIG steam locomotives you need BIG spanners. You would need a massive tool box to bung these in!