Oz's travels.

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I love steam, that is anything that is powered by steam. I've been a few times to Welland, Dorset n Pickering steam fairs. This page is a few odd bits to do with steam.

Ok lets start it off with........   Mamod.

Down the bottom of our garden we have... like most people have...  a shed. 

Looking in our shed, you can see the normal run of the mill junk but at the end is the Mamod live steam area.

Lets fire up the roller. First fill it up with water.
Then fill the burner tray with the wax tablets an set fire to them.
Right trays in... time to wait until the water boils an builds up the steam pressure.
I can watch the pressure build up on the gauge.
Slowly creaping up.
Ok time to let rip!
On our travel down the A456 towards Kidderminster from the Birmingham direction, Phil an I came across this steam engine out side a garden centre. I asked if we could stop an have a shufty, Phil very kindly did.
Now this was used before traction engines. This would of been towed around by horses, then set up to drive machinery out in the fields

One day we drove past.....

As we past over the bridge next to the station I noticed a steam train waiting at a signal to get clearence to come into the station. I told Phil an we pulled over an walked back to watch it pull in.
Pee po.....

East Lanc's Railway.

Sometime ago Phil an I delivered coal to Bury. To the East Lanc's Railway. Phil an I do like to have a plod about an take a few photos. Here are the ones we took. These are before we went to digital.

Railway Museum Crewe.

I know this page is about steam but I was requested by Angus my Scottish cousin to put these on. He likes this one a lot. I wonder why?


A bit different.
The first tilting train.
I be off then!  Waiting for a train more my size....           Its late!!! typical!!

Mid Hant's Railway.

Its was early in the morning when we tipped this load, that why its a bit dark. You can see I am stood well clear so I don't get dirty.
I wanted to push the heap up with there machine, but Phil wouldn't let me, health an beeping safety plus us not being insured.

I found Thomas, he needs a wash though. 
This one has come a fair way.
Back in a mo, just popping for a........ well you can guess.
Which one will I jump in? None of them, due to they're full of water.
Brill look around, will come back one day for a ride.
Phil and I found another stationary engine out side a garden centre just off junction 12 of the M1 near Luton.

Phil an I went back to East Lanc's railway to drop off more coal. I spotted this engine that needed a bit of work.

Then I had a shufty at the crane that was in the siding next to the coal bay.

Looks impressive from the out side.
Looks more impressive inside.