Oz's travels.

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It all started on Wednesday the 30th September 09, Phil an I did plan to finish early that day but things didn't go to plan, due to being delayed down at Freshways Dairies in Acton, London. We had planed to meet up with the rest of the mini club at Warwick services on the M40 at 6.30pm. Anyway we did meet them on the M40 but Phil an I was on the way up in the lorry an they were on the way down. Eventually Phil an I court up with them at a Travelodge in Ashwood Kent at 1am.

 Phil had to take a photo. 

A few hours in bed then we all set off at 6am down to Dover.

At Dover waiting for the ferry.
The white cliffs.
All aboard.... following Rob.
Tightly squeezed in.
Up on deck to wave good bye to Dover.
We're off.
Good bye England.
Bonjour Calais.......
Off the boat an straight on to the errrr right hand side of the road. Rob led the way.

A quick shuffty behind us to make sure everyones following

About 4 1/2 hrs later, with a couple of minor brake downs, a stop for a pee, plus for fuel oh an not getting lost but thanks to the french there road signs are pathetic. Rob took us a way in but the road signs ran out half way down the road. We could see Disney park across a massive building site, but there was no signs showing us how to get there. Anyway we made it all safe an sound to Euro Disney Paris.... Next job was to find the hotel.  Ahhh found it. My jaw dropped when we pulled in.... The Hotel Santa Fa, Howdy amigo!!

We moved into our rooms an first job was to put the kettle on. Thanks to the Black Country mini club who came here last year they had told us to bring a kettle an all the stuff due to there was naff all drink making facilities in the rooms, plus its so expensive to buy out. Phil had packed a cheapo kettle from Tesco's an brought all the other stuff aswell....... plus biccies... Knock out. After a wander round the place we all ended up going for something to eat in the restaurant. They had a deal.. as much as you can eat for... I think it was 21.50 euros. We all opted for that. Thinking a head for tomorrow going round the Park , Rob took an extra couple of apples. "Errrr how am I going to get them out with out them noticing?" he said. He had a ponder, now can you spot the apples?

The entrance to The Disneyland park.

Once inside we all wandered down the main street.

Phil an I split up from the rest to have a bit of man an Gopher time together. We did think of going on Space Mountain but I was to small, so we just opted to take a photo of it in sted Ooooooooooooo there it gose with a cloud of steam....

While we was stood here we met the Walker family from Lincoln in England, you can see them on my new friends page. 

After a chat with them Phil an I went to see buzz light  year.

                                           Hiya Buzz.                        

The next photos is on the ride, you get a ray gun an as you go round you see how many targets you can hit. Bring it on......




Back out side again an we found this.... Its the flying fighter jobby off Star Wars films....... Never really floated my boat.

Time for a trip around the park on the train.

The next ride to go on was the pirate one, you got in a boat an floated around a town that was taken over them. It was very dark so most of the photos didn't come out, here's a few though.

Hay a landy...  Hang on whats that can I hear?

Its drums, is it a tribe of ju ju's out of the Tarzen films? Nope its these three.

Hay lads! Do you know any Cosy Powel?

A film I do like is Aladin. Here's genie.

Phil an I walked over to the other side of the park, we came to a river. There was a toot an the steam boat called the Molly Brown came along. I asked Phil if we could go on it. "of course" said Phil.... Brilliant!

I did wonder if I could have a go at steering it, so I went up to the bridge to ask.

I met Marcio at the helm, an he let me have ago, nice one mate.

Cheer's Marcio, go on mate toot the horn.

I was then helped down from the bridge by Carolone.

Next to the river was the haunted house. We did go in but it was to dark to take any photos, so Phil said, but I think Phil was shaking to much to take them hehehe.

The doobee watsit castle..... an no thats not Donald behind me...... its his cousin Fred.

Time for a bit of grub I think..... Hmmmm double fish an chip with side salad of course.... a chocolate brownie all washed down with Fanta.... what a pig aye? This is Phil's dinner I only had a packet of chips...... honest!!

That's it for this page more on mini trip to France part 2.