Oz's travels.

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Mini trip to France...... page 2.

Welcome over to this page, Just getting the coffee's in for the gang....whats that Brian two sug's in yours....

After coffee Phil an I went for another wonder around, we called in to the glass wear shop. I noticed there were 3D pictures of people set into glass blocks. If you look at the photo they are just behind my bum. Phil asked the bloke if he could make one with me in it. He would have a go. First he took a photo of me then tidied up around the edge of me on the computer, as you can see in the photo. He then told us to come back tomorrow to pick it up. So more to come later.

Later on that day we all had an idea to have a trip in to Paris, so we jumped on a train.
I must say they don't hang about, whosh there goes the French landscape.

We changed from train to metro...... blimey they are even faster, an they don't give you much warning with the doors....... beep..beep..beep an there come together like a guillotine. We came out of the station next to a very busy island. Parked on the white lines of the island was a brand spanking new English plated Rolls Royce with personal plates an Chauffeur.... Proper posh. Its just behind me in the photo.

There was some posh buildings around us with statues. Anyway behind this building is.................


A funny thing happened when Phil was taking the photo above, we was approched by a young lady who asked if she could help us take the photo by holding me up so Phil could take a better Pic. Un known to her that Phil took more a photo of her then me. Shame we never asked her name. 

Mates together.

Right up close.

Directly underneath in the middle with Chris.

Ok time to go up. Out on the first floor an that was high anuff. Looking out across to where we took the photos earlier.

Erm looking up, we not even half way......

At the top.......Oooooo its high.

Behind me is the Arch de Triumph.

Looking down..........Double Oooooo!!

Looking up at the very top.

Mates together part two.

I took this photo, with the spot light beam an the full moon over the top, not bad aye!

Mates together part 3.

Waiting for the train, Its been a fantastic day.

The next morning was the show.... well get together near to the park entrance.

Keith's, Angie's and Rob's.

Stood on Ahh Kid with Jenny's (see new friends page) silver mini to the right an Chris's (Turnip) to the left. If you look along the line you can also see Brians (EJB,the red one) an Smiffys Paul Smith.

Ahh Kid with Pictures of the Maine Special in the windows.

A mini that was very appropriate to the hole of Disneyland was called Jack or Jacqueline. The name of the mini depending on either I was talking to Grant or Siobhan. This is a brill mini to see, kitted out from the film Nightmare at Christmas. 

Grant let me sit in it on Jacks lap.

Smiffys Paul Smith won car of the show. It had took retirement from concourse/show an shine-ing but there you go it still hasn't lost the attraction, well done mate.

After the show we asked if it was all right to line the minis up for a photo. The French chap from Disney said ok but hurry up...... miserable git!

The hole gang together.

Even I don't beleve it but there is more to come on... mini trip to France p3.