Oz's travels.

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Mini trip to France..... page 3.

Walt Disney Studios.

Quite affective.... the Hollywood hills in the back ground... Realy its a big plywood cut out. Now you can make the same using an old cereal box, bog roll tubes, pipe cleaners,poster paint an sticky backed plastic.

So they say not really a scary ride....... I would of gone on but like Space Mountain I was to small again.... Damm.

The space drilling buggy out of the Armegeddon film.

I know its a bit blurred, but what do you expected from Phils photography, its say Studio tram tour, behind the magic. We hopped on for a ride.

Long aint it!

We went in to the special effects bit wear the blow up a tanker lorry, then flood the place with tonnes of water,well Phil took this photo then his battery went so by the time he changed them an took......

this photo he had mist the rudy lot! Well done mate!

I got soaked though.....

Ahh back in England.... London.

Oh I see theres been a bit of a gas leak an some ones dropped a lighted fag in. Phil managed to catch the flame effect on his second try.

Why didn't they have an English made car instead of a Volvo? Hmmmm hang on is there an English made car nowadays?

Sorry about this just got to phone the little lady....

Ok Phil an popped back to the glass wear shop to collect the 3D glass picture fingy that we ordered yesterday. We was a bit mift that he hadn't done it, so we waited in the shop with our arms crossed an stared at him. After a while of him giving us a few glances an a little smile he got on an started it. At the mo he is seeing how it would come out as 3D.

He then polished the block of glass an put it under the lazer.

While it was being made I thought I would help out an find the box for it.

Finished...... what you think I think its fantastic. Thanks to Guillaume (the blokes name who made it, don't ask me how to pronounce it)

In with the package was a mini party at the Planet Hollywood cafe. Free drinks token were handed out. The funny thing tho, for Brian, Carol, Robbie, Jenny, Phil an I was one token was only ment to get you a half pint.... well one token got us all pints..... so there!! Cheers...hic.

That nightmare before Christmas mini that was on page 2, well here I am having a drink with Siobhan. Grant has very kindly become a member of my web site, Cheers buddy. Next time we meet mate I will get a photo of all of together.

Out side was a little stage, an on it was two guys from Liverpool that are a Beatles tribute band. Just John an Paul.... They are brilliant. The drums, base n keyboards are recorded but they recorded them there selves. I had to go on stage for a dance.

After the gig I went to see them. They are brothers Dean (L) and Glen (R), please visit there web site justjohnandpaul.com, there is a link to it from my web page. They very kindly autographed the beer mat that I'm holding. Two of the nice's blokes you could ever meet.

Time for the shops. Now instead of where's Wally, cuz I know where he is...he's taking the photo.... Where Oz?

Hay minnie, hows about going out with a proper rodent? 

Sadly to say its time to head home, with one extra mini to the convoy... Jenny's.

A bit of action photogaphy by me of Jenny an Robbi, maybe I should go for a job on Top Gear?

Ahh made it to Calais.

Au revoir Calais.

Woodo Dover...... we're back!!!!!!

Can I just say to all that went.. an to all the new mates I have made while I was there.. a really massive thankyou for such a wonderfull time. Oh yer cheers Phil for taking me, I love yer in a really manly way.