Oz's travels.

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Well it was about time I had a trip across the brook. Phil with his mate Richard, well brother really, they been together since they were in nappy's.. planned a holiday to Egypt, I thought I'd tag along. It wasn't going to be a jolly boys outing though, Lisa (Richards wife) and her friend Sarah were coming aswell.

Bags packed an we were off..

                 Do you think I've packed anuff? 

Here's Sarah (on the left) and Lisa with our ticket ready to book us in. Us lads let the women do that sort of thing cuz we'd only make a hash of it.

Once booked in a nip round the duty free shops. Of course Phil finds a model of a mini.......      He bought two!

After the shops we all sat down to a full breakfast. Soon our flight was called an we piled in to the departure lounge. Here's the plane that hopefully was going to get us there.

On we go.

The tight gits then told me I hadn't got a seat of my own!!!! I had to sit on Phil's lap. Seen his new beard? He looks a right plonker.

On a long flight there's not much to do, Richard and the girls had a game of Egyptian top trumps.

And of course you can watch the telly.

The films were Mamma mia and WALL.E. They played Mamma mia first it was so so. By the time they played WALL.E I had fell asleep so I missed it.

I was woken up by Phil when the people that was sat next to us wanted to go to the toilet. This gave me chance to have a shufty out the window.

Ahh thinking of it I need a pee so I'll pop off to the toilet. 

We made it!!

Sorry for the picture being a bit blurred I blame the heat......... an Phil..

After a goods nights kip it was up for breaky an out to catch the rays.............. WONDERFUL..........

Looking out across the Red sea.
The complex. A couple of hawks perch sometimes on the top of the building to the left of the photo. 
That's one of them.
The complex was right out in the middle of nowhere, as you can see the mountains in the back ground. The grass I am stood on was quite deep and springy.
So you could just let your self go.........................

Ahhhhh time for a beer... hang on!!! its larger!!! Arrr well its cold an wet..... cheers

Out in the bay was a pier, you can walk out across and see....... Errrrrr
the fish........

At the end of the pier you could go scuba diving.

Guess which twonk had to have a go?

The grand trip out.

A trip was booked to go to Luxor, this meant an early start. It was going to be a five hour trip there.

 We headed off in quite a smart little bus.

After about two an a half hour we stop at their version of a motorway service's. There was a shop selling out of date cans of pop an crisps plus you had to pay to go to the toilet..... spend a penny.... NO!!!! spend a pound!!!! an Egyptian pound that is.

While we was there we found a new friend.

Now the question was, were they looking at the camel or the hairy idiot next to it?......Phil.

Back on the bus again. After a while we drove in to Luxor an what did Lisa spot? 

 A sign for McDonald's...... we didn't stop............ bugger!!!

Please note.. I will not get to technical an tell you about the temples we visited cuz...... A, It would take a long time to write about each one an B, I didn't listen to the guide rabbiting on an on an on about them so in short I don't know any thing about them.

The first temple.

The guide is the bloke on the phone.

This next photo is a bit on the rude side so I apologize if it offends any one.
At the top of those columns there was still some of the original paint.......... lasted well hasn't it.
Walking round this plinth with a scarab beetle on top so many times is meant to be lucky it only made me dizzy. 
Any one good at jigsaws?

Talk about hanging the job out they still haven't finished building it yet.

This photo was taken with the timer. I think this one was the forth attempt.
Look there was an Egyptian Oz. Only joking I drew this on the photo.
 The Nile, I must say it was impressive site to see for a river.
Here is the girls crossing on a most comfy boat.
Those buildings are boats, they are floating hotels. I wonder if Hercule Poirot's is on one
Once on the other side back on the mini bus an off to see some more old stuff, like these.
The Valley of the Kings.

On the way in there was an xray machine,  we thought it would be a laugh if I went through it. Phil asked the security men an I went through.

Don't be shocked......I'm the Six Million Dollar Gopher.

We went in to a couple of burial chambers, but you wasn't aloud to take any photos.
Guess what another temple but this one was a bit of a con. It had been rebuilt from machine cut stone, it looked to clean to me.
Another so called lucky thing to do, stand in front an cross your arms. I think the Egyptians just get a laugh out of making us do it.
We found a very old shopping list.
Back to the hotel and I must say this holiday is doing me a world of good. I got me a bit of a tan and I found me a couple of new friends.
I'd like you to meet Vicky Reynolds an Sian Auger. Hi girls xx
Well I've come to the end of my write up, I'll finish off with a few pics of the towels...... TOWELS!!!!!! you say, well... the bloke who tidied our room kept leaving a towel in different shapes every time he did our room.