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Night delivery to Chichester.

                                                              A blast from the past.

Phil normally works hard in delivering goods all around the country, well he was given a cushty week in March.

 After a lie in Phil went to work on the Monday about 9'ish in the morning. The lorry was already loaded with sleepers for Peterborough. We delivered them then took a trip down to Brackley  (8 miles south west of Banbury) to collect a load of 1tonne bags of 50mm rail ballast (large lumps of stone) from a company called... "Bag Force limited for all types of aggregates, vis..."  

            HANG ON NO ADVERTISING ON MY WEB SITE!!!!!!!!!!!.....   

....oh go on then.... " 

visit our web site http://www.bagforce.co.uk/ for our full range of products then contact us on 01280 703248 or Email enquiries@bagforce.co.uk to place your orders, BAG FORCE FOR ALL YOUR SPECIALIST BAGGED AGGREGATES."

Here we are being loaded up by Charlie with 27 bags of 50mm rail ballast. I'm making sure that he puts them on straight.
Phil was given his ticket an instructions of the drop from Val. Once the lorry was loaded we headed on down to Chichester. The time at this point was 3.45pm, we had no rush due to Network Rail (the customer) wanted us to tip after 12am. The location of the drop was on an I mean on the Whyke road level crossing in Chichester.
01.00am waiting by the level crossing for the closure of the line, I think they call it a block aid. Oh temperature at the time was about 2oC an falling.

On the left of the crossing waiting to unload us was a roadrailer that is a excavator kitted out with normal wheels for the road an wheels that fold down to drive on the rails.

This is the one, driven by Paul.

When the all clear was called Phil backed across the crossing an we set to work unloading.
Supervising Mark one of the Network Rail lads on the correct way to connect the chains to the bags so can lift them off.
After the last bag was unloaded Phil parked the lorry around the corner an we were soon in to bed. Time 02.00am'ish. There were another two loads to be delivered here at the same time Tuesday an Wednesday night or to be correct Wednesday an Thursday morning. Having no other load to do between the next Chichester another lie in was called for, 11.30am this time. After having a cuppa tea an a sarny we ran back up to Brackley for the next one. All three loads went well but we didn't get much of a lie in on the last one due to we had to be back to Bag Force to do a delivery in Wolverhampton Thursday afternoon.