Oz's travels.

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On the 10th July 2010 Phil an I was invited by Mike Strophier to take the Maine Special to a Nostalgia Day held at the Old Tramway inn on the Shipston Road Stratford-upon-Avon. The nostalgia day was organisted by the Warwickshire Reminiscence Action Prodject, who was raising funds to train people caring for people living with dementia and alzheimer's.  There is a link to there web site on web site page. We turned up about 9.30 ish an parked up next to a fine range of cars, motor bikes, a couple of motor homes, two early road rollers and a American Army truck.
The police turned up to show there errr van. then a police car pulled up as well. I couldn't resist to have a walk around on the car's roof.
There were a few stalls with costumes you could dress up in, book stall, odds an sods stall, 1966 football nostalgia, hoopla, tombola, a raffle, and a smack the rat game that I was intrested in but found out it wasn't a real rat shame....... only joking. 

There was also these two. Great couple of guys walking around all day collecting donations. If you gave a generous donation they would show you whats under there habits. Not a pretty site I will say but great fun.

Time for a plod into town. Ahh cricket I might play a game sometime, 
                                                                                                                                                               how about it Phil?

Stratford-upon-Avon is known for one thing..... Shakespeare. The bald headed writer that that lived errr a long time ago. Well saying that he may not of excised at all... but who knows? The theatre. Over the last few years a hell of a lot of money has been spent on making the theatre a lot bigger. More on the theatre in a bit.

The old boat house that is a restaurant.
Cox's Yard, used to be a timber yard then got converted into a bar, restaurant and a live music venue.
The Marina.
An here he is...... old Shakey.
       Looking up Bridge Street, they close off this street for the mop in October. 
                                                           That's a fun fair to who don't know.
This next photo was taken in October 2010 showing the mop. Phil an I past through Stratford in the lorry, an yes I know I'm wearing the same shirt, 
                                                               I planed it that way...... honest!
Now down by the Marina is this fountain which was opened by the Queen in 1996. Phil used to be a dray man for the Beer Seller then and delivered to a floating restaurant that was moored up near to this fountain. Phil had to back right up to the fountain, he often joked about backing into the fountain, I believe there was a couple of close calls.  
Right back to the theatre. The only thing that puzzles me is why build a tower. There's no water tank at the top. They do go on how short of money the Royal Shakespeare theatre have got an they build that.
Hay look! I've found a picture of Jean luc Picard from Star Trek, but hes got more hair.. he must of bought a wig to impress the bird... Sorry lady.
Behind me is the Swan theatre bit. Can you see the concrete mixer to the left of me, Phil used to back his lorry into a gate way there on to the gravel car park an deliver to the green room an the theatre restaurant. One day he was unloading, his drivers mate was wheeling the stuff around to the store, when an actor walked past. Phil said "good morning" The actor looked down his nose at him. Well Phil Said "S** you then you miserable git" The actor looked back in discussed but Phil just turned his back on him.
Opposite the theatre is the Dirty Duck pub. A popular hang out for the actors after there stint on the stage.
Hummm warm day, Stowford Press Cider on tap.... Lets have a pint.
Another place Phil used to deliver, Marlowe's restaurant. I do like the look of this of this building, built in 1595, in the Elizabethan era.
We went into the Blacks outdoor shop underneath to buy some gas cylinders for Phil's camping stove. On our way out we met up with a group of tourist. Of course they took quite a shine to me so a photo opp was there to be taken. 
                                                    Hello all hope you had a great holiday.
Phil had to pop across the road to Dedenhams to check out his gear. Phil's sir name is Maine.
On our way up Henley street where old Shakey's alleged birthplace is, we found a painting you could shove you head through, so I couldn't resist it.

Well here it is. The thing is... in the Elizabethan days you would of only had a small one up one down type of house. So if you split this building up into 4 sections, then it be more authentic in stead of coning the tourist about being one house. That's only my impression, if I am wrong, I will admit default.... but it'll take some to prove it though.

Blimey look at the que to get in to the Shakespeare centre, I didn't clock the price but... THERE ALL GETTING RIPPED OFF!!! Sorry
Just a few yards up from Shakey's is a shop well worth visiting is Doug Browns. A most excellent model shop. (Now sadly gone)

Next job was to go into WH Smiths to have a shufty in Mini Mag to see if we've got featured in any of the write ups. No!! so we didn't buy it. Phil gets Mini World delivered every month, the slightly better mag in my eyes. 

Now into a shop that is just the right price for me.
Basket case......
Time for some grub.
Big Mac meal for me an a hamburger for Phil, got to keep his weight down, don't want him to be a lardy now do we?
A walk back along the tramway back to the pub... what a great day.