Oz's travels.

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One day Oz was sorting out what to listen too when traveling around in the lorry that Phil drives.... 

                               " humm how about the Doctor who spin off Unit?"

Oz felt a cold draft blow across him... 


                              "Cor it feels like someones walking over my grave!"

                                "it felt like it came from the wardrobe direction"

                                                   "Whats that? snow????"

                                                        "This is weird..." 

Oz took a look............

Then a closer look.....

                                            "Aye up there's a hole in the back!"

The next second Oz had disappeared!

He found himself in a wooded winterland.

                                                   "What the F.......!"

Then suddenly there was a almighty shout.....


                                               "OUR SAVIOR HAS COME!"

"Our land has been taken over by an evil Goblin, local legends have been told for years of a hero that will arrive and fight the Goblin. I have a sword and shield ready for your great battle."  

Oz took a moment to think about it and said....


    "Erm... I love a challenge but fighting a Goblin with just a sword and shield....

                                                              SOD THAT!"

Oz turned and went back the way he come.....

The gathered looked at each other and wondered if the legends were wrong about the hero and they was in for annihilation by the Goblin.

Then suddenly the hero reappeared!

       "That's better... bugger the sword, when I've got a double barreled shotgun."

                          "RIGHT THEN.... show me where that ruddy Goblin is!!"

The battle was short and sweet, we won't show you the aftermath, it was a touch on the messy side. 

                                                The hero Oz returned home...


                                                              "JOB DONE!"


                                       THE END.

               The cast...... Oz T Gopher, Harvey T Horse, Miss Betty Bunny and Barry A Bear.