Oz's travels.

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I'm Alright - Caddyshack- Kenny Loggins Music Video.

                                                                        My cousin Barry..... THE STAR OF THE FILM.

Tractor Pulling at The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2015 England

                                                          Phil and Squirrel commentating, My website gets a mention.

Bogus2 at Combe 2011.

Mini World Magazine track day. Bogus 2 their modified mini takes us round Castle Combe race track. They come up behind Phil a couple of times in the Maine Special.

I will walk 500 miles - David's Tennant wrap video.

                                                             The best Doctor Who.......

David Tennant's NTA 2015 Special Recognition.

                                                        He well deserved it.

David Tennant Accepts The Special Recognition Award At The NTAs 2015


                                Filmed on the Saturday night at The Great Dorset Steam Fair 2015.  

                                   I saw them and met them here on the Friday night.

Phil's "Taking the mickey out of Stobart"
Tony the lorry driver, Phil an I was larking about on our way up the M50 motorway.

Saturday night at the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2018, Mark-Gass-Brown aka Squirrel Tribute. A tuff speech from Phil who was trying hard to hold back the tear's. A very emotional night. Thank you to Shane Squire for filming this. 

Same night Hot Pots first run.   also filmed by Shane Squire

Hot pots second run, look out for the crazy Cornishman..... (Scruff) who runs behind the sledge to recover Hot Pots exhaust what falls off on the run. Filmed by Shane Squire