Oz's travels.

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Oz in the USA page 2.

 More cardboard and sticky backed plastic gone into making these city street scenes.

We went in to a restaurant to have a snack, parked in the outside eating bit was the van that was used in the film Who framed Roger Rabbit. Good film..... well I liked it!!!

 Oooo I found a friend, meet Curtis the Sqiggle.

Say hello Curtis......

After Curtis disappeared I seem to have pulled the birds....he he he...

After our snack we came across a good photo opp with the characters from Monster Inc...

A walk through the scene department stopping to look at a cool tractor mower

 and a smart looking train and helicopter.

Time for the trip around the film lot. Now do you remember what happened in France when Phil tried taking some photos of the special effects bit? No well pop to mini trip to France P3 and find out.... Hang on!! I save you the trouble... his batteries ran out in his camera. Well this time I made sure that they were ok.  

I was sat next to Sophie and Lisa. It starts with a bit of water.

Then fire... 

 Then when you don't expect it.. WHOOSH LOADS OF WATER!!!!

Finely topped off with 10 tons of more water from above.

Well I was dry after this one.... more then I can say for Sophie an Lisa he he he.

I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky, I should b.....  oh sorry... THE TOWER OF TERROR.... Phil did go on.... what!!! you don't believe it! scroll down....

There you go, baldy in the second row. Now I have got to laugh ha ha ha look at Richie's face behind Phil, Ha ha ha fantastic ha ha.

After all that excitement I.... or should I say they needed a sit down so we went to see the Muppet's 3D show.

On the way in there was a small tv show first.

Statler & Waldorf start off the show.

The penguin orchestra came up from below... Phil was then spotted taking these photo's so he had to turn the camera off.

A bit later on when it got dark we went to see the show Fantasmic, an I must say it was....

Brilliant show. On the way out I thought this would be a great photo,

                                            Oz on the spot.