Oz's travels.

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Oz in the USA page 3.

I'm starting off this page with something that might interest  my biker mates, Rob Bellingham, and Steve Fowler (Swampy). Here below are a couple of bikes on a trailer that Phil an I spotted out side McDonald's on our way home from the Hollywood Studios.

They are electric.There is a road bike and a scrambler. Phil chatted to the bloke with them. He had just come back from giving a demonstration, where one of his mate jumped 84 feet on the scrambler.

Phil was given a panflet, here it is.....

 Web site link.... www.zeromotorcycles.com 

After a days rest, the next trip out was to Epcot. For who that has not been or in the know! its theme is round the world.

In the ball above is a ride that takes you through the years an into the future. Here's the gang on the way up.
Phil took a few photo's on the way round but due to we was on the move they came out blurred.... an no Phil hadn't been drinking. A photo of us was taken as we went round, near to the end. We watched on the little monitor in front of us a cartoon of the future. They had very cleverly superimposed our faces on to the characters in the cartoon. When we got off they gave us the opportunity to send a email post card to our selves. We did an here it is......

Ok then lets go round the world...where shell we start?  Mexico.



Can you spot me?

Outpost.... It covers Australia I think.






Not a spot on the real one, you can't go up this one.

United Kingdom.

Ahh time for a pint.....

Brilliant Scottish band.

And finally Canada.

While in the Canadian gift shop a bit of hat trying went on with Jess, Richie and Sophie.

And I found a friend, he has come home with me. I will call him Diefenbaker after the husky in the Due South TV series.

Mates together.

Oooooo found the Minnie cheer leaders.......

Now just before the firework display I popped to the toilet. I don't think that Americans can fit doors properly cuz I can not believe the gap in the door. While doing the obvious I waved at someone that walked by. All the toilet doors were the same.

Now for the fireworks.

Another great day out. Home again tied but happy an to find a frog stuck on the wall by the front door. Hello little froggy.