Oz's travels.

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Oz in the USA page 4.

A trip too........
Who's a pretty boy then???? ME!! Oz the gopher.....

The Tree of Life.... its plastic. Molded in to it are loads of animal shapes, it is cleverly done an it duz take a while to spot them all.

Sam's Girl's, Mai, Jess, Anna an Sophie... Love you xxx

Into Dinoland...

Richie taking Sophie, Jess an Anna on a ride.

 Dopysawrus..... ner he was looking the other way....

Mount Everest........

The Expedition Everest ride... going up...

Coming down....... can you spot Phil?

o!!! well he's behind the camera..you didn't expect him to go on it did you! ha ha ha.


Ahhhh the rapids... can we go on please?

Brilliant...bolt us in then Richie... cheers mate.

We went on the rapids three times.... proper jaw dropper hay Mai....

You'll get a nose bleed hanging like that mate.

Come on son if you think your hard enuff!

I taut I taw a puddy tat...

I did! I taw a puddy tat....   Ahhh Bless 

Time to go out on safari, expertly driven by Sam. You can see a photo of her on my new friends page.

We are riding in a truck like this one.

Oh look a Rhino having a kip.

Oooo a few having a swim.

Some Croc's or are they Alligators? Pass which ever they are you wouldn't want to meet them face to face.... 

A mix of Tiger fodder.

Giraffes. I always thought that there feet must stink that's why their neck are that long.

Mommy Elephant an baby. Going the wrong way tho!!


Richie loves the Pink flamingos........ roasted with roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, Yourkshire pud, peas, carrots n gravy.... only joking!!

Another Rhino having a kip, is all they do?


Woodo mate want a lift?

Hay Swampy found you a short wheel base Landy, might be a bugger to get back to England tho.

Ermm found you another Swampy but it'll need a respray for definite....
It reminds me of the dodgy builders Phil's Neighbours had to do there extension. I bet the monkeys could of done a better job. 

What you say lads?

Back to the house an ermm Anna why are you hiding your self away? You do look a bit suspicious...

Ahhhhhh you brought back a Tiger..... Its ok folks he's friendly.