Oz's travels.

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Oz in the USA page 6.

A trip that I was so looking forward too.. The Kennedy Space Centre. I had difficulties getting Phil through security, they checked him overt, then asked me " was really necessary for Phil to come in?" I explained about my web site an how I need Phil to take the Photos, They let him in.
I know a tractor puller called G-Force... Hello Giles mate.

Richie trying out a capsule for size.

My turn! Did you drop one Richie? Phew!!!!

Right then lets walk where Buzz, Neil an Michael walked all though years ago..... That's one small step for man one even smaller step for a gopher!

Blimey very claustrophobic aint it!!!!

WOW!!! That's a hell of an engine!

Time for the tour around the visitor complex bit, but first a photo. 

Mmmmm a sit down to watch a bit of sixty's tele.

The navigation area.

This is the suit they wore in that capsule Richie an I was in earlier.

Another very claustrophobic capsule.

You wouldn't believe that they wore something like this would you? It looks proper bodge.

Now that looks a bit better.

There was some facts on the wall before we went in to watch a film, this one caught my eye. To all my tractor pulling friends, how about having this bolted on your tractor.........

Interesting film but duz anyone have some pop corn?

After the film we was showed a working model of the launch pad.

Now a look at the real thing...... wonderful. There is a book called Wings by Terry Pratchett, its the third book of three after Truckers then diggers. Its about Gnomes. I wont go into detail about them but in Wings they come all the way from England to here to put something on the Space Shuttle. They are great books. You can also listen to them on CD read by Tony Robinson (Baldric, Time Team). Phil an I listen to the in the lorry.

Time for a break and a chat with Richard.

On the bus that drives you around the site. Coming up on the right is the shed that the put together the Space shuttles.

The American flag that is painted down the side is four storries high, so that give you an idea how big a shed it is.

The main control centre... not the one they use today, but it was the one they used when they first put a man on the moon.

A Saturn V rocket (bottom end)

Talk about making someone feel small.

A real bit of moon rock.

The capsule to the Saturn V.

Reminds me of that Doctor Who episode with the shadows.

David Tennant my Fave Doctor.

The top end..well nearly.... mist the pointed bit on the end just out of the pic.

A mock up of in side a capsule.

Looking inside a early segment of a apollo rocket.

Now in one of the segments of the Space Station.

Bolt yourself down on the toilet..... I think I'll pass on that.

Next door was the shower erm Zero gravity how????

A bed on the wall.. novel... got a little desk as well smart.

Just floating past.....

A full size Space Shuttle.... Explorer.

Stood in the cargo hold.

The flight deck.

To finish off Richard went on the Shuttle Launch Experience. Phil, Richie and I had VIP passes to watch from the observation area. Here's me showing off my pass.

Fantastic time fully recommend going if you get the chance.