Oz's travels.

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Oz in the USA page 7.

A trip to SeaWorld.
The Dolphin nursery.
Boom boom boom let me hear you say whale........ WHALE....

Stand by for action!!! Sting raaaay Sting ray do do do do.....

Come on then if you think your hard anuff.

Per per per pick up a penguin.

Arrr bless hand bags with legs. Only joking.

Sea Cows... well I'm not going to milk them!

The Dolphin performance was impressive but a bit weird in places.

It was put out as a story.. No words but it I think it was about the girl in pink meeting the dolphins.

Then others came in an played with the Dolphins while a women swung around on a trapeze.

A Women got pushed up in to the air, stood on a well it looked like a small Whale then a Dolphin.

Then it did a back flip.

Then she surfed on it  

Ahhh it popped out the water so the girl in pink could stroked it.

Another women swung out looking like a parrot on a bit of rope.

The finally was the girl in pink riding around on two Dolphins......

Then getting houst in the air off there backs.  ermm wow!!

I wanted to pat a Dolphin.. 

But I got told to move back cuz I could of got taken by one of the Dolphins.... I nearly jumped in... but the water was freezing.

loads more singrays...

big ones an all!

In with the cuddlies.


Crazy golf with Richie and Lisa. I teed off first..... Ahh hole in 1ish... 3 actually.

Lisa gave it a wazzer.....

Then Richie...

Down the hill, I waited for Richie and Lisa to pot theirs....

Then I let rip with my shot.

Got to get it over the lumpy bits hmmmm

Don't get it in the water mate.


Oooo Richie popped one down a hole up there an its come out just below me.

Come on Lisa's waiting.. that's shot number 7 ain't it?

Close game in all I think Lisa won..... Yes she did, well done Lisa xx