Oz's travels.

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Oz in the USA page 8.

The sign says it all!

The largest Hard Rock Cafe......................................................    ..........................................................................in the world!

Expertly paused the like Jeremy Clarkson!!! 

The Universal globe. We came back here acouple of days later, Phil got me to stand near to it while he filmed it going round.... He bunged it on You Tube. You will see it if you go on my You Tube page.

Lets pop in to see Apu an have a squishee, ahhh but first I see over to the left.... my left that is! a photo opp, come on Phil!!

Phil's pulled......

Just after we met Scooby-Dooby-Dooooooo.

Looking out across the park while I waited for them to go on the Men in Black Alien Attack ride. You see the big roller coaster, well that's the new Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. The day we was there it had a few teething problems so they didn't open it. Phil was gutted..... Oh yeh relieved more like.

How's this for a shot...... phew it did have bad breath though.... we went on the Jaws ride after this photo was taken.

A plod around town.

Just as I was thinking of going into the Arcade when...........

I found myself up in the air....... Steady on mate watch where your grabbing!!  This chap was promoting the Revenge of the Mummy ride.

Once back on the ground we came across the cars from the latest Fast & Furious film.

Then I spotted the DeLorean from Back To The Future.

Next to it was the train from Back To The Future 3.

On the corner of one of the street was the Blues Brothers Tribute. Another film was shot at this point of me shaking my stuff to a couple of classic that were performed.

Meeting the cast.

A photo opp with Jake... Elwood spoke to me over the megaphone on the car.... He said "Is that the Caddyshack Gopher?" Phil shouted "yeh" back, an then they drove away.

I must say the farmer must of been going like a bat out of hell to park the tractor like that! As you can see it was the entrance to the Twister show. Very good. for who has not been there, you stand in a town when a Twister gos through an shakes up the place.

We went in to see the Terminator 2 3D show that is very good. On the way out as normal through the gift shop, there was a full size model of the Terminator. As you can see from the sign it is for sale but I would think it'll cost quite a few Dollars.

I found a right bunch of weirdo's..... Back off abit son!!!...... an NO I'm not lending you my mobile so you can phone home!!!

I personally think this is a fantastic photo, we have got this as our screen saver on our computer.

As it was Barbara's 27th Birthday, (love you xx) we went into the Hard Rock for a meal. Hmmmmm decisions decisions... what to have....

Do you mind!!! Oh...do you like the shirt?

While we was waiting for the food to come I had a wonder around. I was impressed with the bar ornament.

A couple of days later we went next door to Universal Studios to the Island of Adventure.

Watching the Hulk Ride.


Just as we was walking down the street a rook load of super hero's turned up on there quad motorbikes. They split up to go to there photo points. Now which one shell I have my photo with? I picked two.. ahem....  can you guess why?

Next bit was Toon Lagoon.

I mist out on the ride on the Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges white water rapids. I was glad cuz it was a lot ruffer then the one at the Animal Kingdom as Lisa found out.... bit damp Lisa? 

Had a accident Sam?

Phil found another 4x4 for you mate.

Been here long?

I even watched a dino egg hatching.

Mai an I trying out the seats for Dueling Dragons ride. These are here just in case a... how should I say it? a chubby person wants to go on an not to sure if they will fit.

Poseidon's Fury... You tour the remains of Poseidon's temple an you see a bit of a show at the end. Wish we had given this one a miss... it is abit of a disappointment.

Looking across the lake at the Hulk Ride. At this point Phil made another film that you can see on my YouTube page.

While most some of the gang went to have something to eat... Richie, Lisa, Phil an I had a drink in the Sports bar just outside the park.

Well that's nearly it apart from us dropping Phil's car back to the rental people at the airport.

Then hanging around waiting for our flight.

Can I say a BIG BIG BIG THANKYOU to Barbara for a absolute fantastic holiday. Also a big thankyou to all... Richard, Sam, Sophie, Mai, Jess, Anna, Phil, Richie an Lisa for making it a holiday I will never forget..... I Love you all xxxx  

Where next for me to go? Got any ideas?