Oz's travels.

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Oz's new friends.


On Sunday 26th November 06 we went to the mini show held at Malvern, here I met Craig sutcliffe an his son Kyle.


Also I met Kaum and Sue.
The lovely lisa or as she is Known on the C,B Queeny from Peterborough. We chatted to her every time we were in Peterborough delivering concrete railway sleepers, then one day out of the blue she turned up. I had to have a cuddle, she's sweet.                                                                                       

   Hi lisa xx


On the 28th of January 07 there was a mini show at Bingley hall show ground at Stafford here we met Samantha. She took quite a fancy to my cousin Moxey. It was his turn to get a lovely cuddle. Moxey was on security duty overnight looking after the minis. 

                "Hi Sam lots of love"

                                                       Moxey xx 


This is Zoe, Don't worry she's not like this all the time. We met in the club of the Trevelgue holiday park on the Miniworld Riviera 07 run near Newquay Cornwall. I was dressed up as a farmer an Zoe with her friends were punks. Zoe is a member of  the Bristol mini club.


Zoe has a very cool tattoo on her lower back.


These female Police officers are Hanah an Tiffeney. Of course there not real Police . We were dressed up for the cops an robbers themed party at the Reddich mini owners club show that was held at Droitwich rugby club on the Sat 30th June n Sun 1st July 07. Moxey at the back was on security.

Malvern show 07 cold but dry on this sunday morning. Rapped up well tho was Karina Smith who warmed me up with a cuddle. With Karina was Lewis an Martin, they came up from Abergavenny but had a slight magical mystery tour before they got to Malvern. Hope you got home ok.
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, especially when you meet a lovely lady like Jean. Phil an I delivered some railway sleepers to Walton on the Naze (on the east coast of England about 10 miles south of Felixstowe). We had to wait for another lorry to arrive so we went for a walk around. Phil was taking some photos of me when Jean an her husband approached us we had a chat about my web site an Jean was happy to have her photo taken while her husband hid behind Phil. As you can tell the it was a tadge ruff that day.          Jean thank you.xx 


Here is Sarah, who works as a hair stylist for Pure white Hair & Beauty in Henley-in-Arden. I popped in to see if I could have a make over.

On the afternoon of the 16th March 08 Phil an I were on our way back from Malvern mini show when we saw in a pub car park a mini min on the back of a trailer. Well we had to have a look. Just going in to the pub was Alastair Moffatt an his friend Gemma Price, we stopped them to have a chat.  They had just come from an autotest display. You can find out more on Autotesting if you go to BTRDA.com, there is a link from my Oz's friends webs page. Alastair is part of Moffatt Motor Sport who do vehicle displays and they also do rally & autotest car preparation (with 13 national championships to the name). Gemma  is the director of junior rallying.


Hopefully I get this right its Amy on the right and Holly on the left. We met at the Dorset Steam Fair in Blandford Forum 2008, in the tractor pulling section of course. 


Vicky Reynolds an Sian Auger, Two lovely ladies I met in Egypt in December 2008.


Here's Joan, we met at Himley Hall mini show on the 10th May 2009.

Phil an I was in Somerset at Cricketer Farm (Neither Stowey) on the 19t June 09, collecting a load of cream, here we met Ann who was very nice to chat too.

On the 26th June 09 Phil an I had a very long wait in Dairy Crest Crudington near Telford. While we was there we met John who was another newcomer to tanker work.

Phil an I was asked if we could take the Maine Special to Hockley Heath fate on the 12th July 09, so we did. While enjoying a relaxing lounge around we was approached by the Police, Phil moved gently away to leave me to do the chatting. It was all right they had popped over to have a shufty at the Maine Special. Phil plodded back just in time to take the photo. PC Jenell 7574 and lPCSO Shale 30649, Colin and Wendy for short.....

This is a cheek! I am meant to be with them not Phil! R-well this is Bekki. Bekki's Mom an Dad sell models at the mini shows. Here we ALL are at Gaydon mini Festival that was on the 4th-5th July 09.

 I don't know which is the biggest spanner, the one that Bekki is holding or Phil.......Only joking.

 "No your right there mate I am  the BIGGER SPANNER!"  Phil.

On a wet evening at the Country Festival at Stoneleigh show ground I met Lauren and Edward, They popped over an watched  Phil taking photos of the Maine Special with Bigfoot 17 and the other monster truck....well pick up.

While I was in France I met the Walker family from Lincoln (in the UK) around the Euro Disney Land. They were great to talk to. Hope you got home safe an sound. xx

Well what can I say about Kryss AKA Geerah, she was our savior when we got to Florida. Now I won't go it to much detail, but due to "dodgy" instructions on how to get to where we where stopping we took a few wrong turns an ended up at a garage where we met up with Kryss who very kindly led us ther rest of the way with her Scooby Doo to our holiday home.  Thanks Geerah xxx

The Keefers, I met them in the Disney Hollywood Studios. Phil didn't ask where you came from.

Donald n Jennie Gaither from Huntsvilly AL USA. Here we are sat in the USA Pavilion at Disneys Epcot in Florida. Jennie had spotted me at the Hollywood Studios the day before, so she called across, so I went across for a chat an a cuddle.

While Phil an I was having a look around the Disney outfitters in the Animal Kingdom, Linda (left) asked if we needed any help. We was ok but it soon become a great photo opp with Linda's work mate's Rob and Mo.  

This is Sam who is a Safari guide at the Animal Kingdom. Sam drove us around earlier that day, we then bumped in to Sam while Phil n I was on the way out of the park, so as you know me I couldn't resist a cuddle.

I loved the Buzz Lightyear ride at Euro Disney in France so I had to go on it at the Magic Kingdom in Florida. In the que next to us were Lori (L), Alice (M) an Kathy (R). These golden girls are from Philadelphia- USA.

On my trip to the Kennedy Space Center I met Beate Pollei. Beate wasn't a Astronaut but her cuddle sent me in to space.

Seaworld Orlando Florida, a very brill place to go an to meet some wonderful people that work there, here's one... this is Darla who was wonderful to chat too.
Also at SeaWorld I met Barbara Davis and Howard Sherman from Fort Myers Florida.
Stood out side Finnegans Irish Bar at the Universal Studios Florida we met Jerry Houser from Kingsport TN- USA.

Back in England again. Phil had a problem with his lorry on Thursday the 21st Jan about 4.00pm, A head light bulb had blown near to Newbury on the A34. We was heading back to the yard when a VOSA car that was sat on the side of the road pulled out when we drove past... yep you guess it! They pulled us over into Chieveley services an wouldn't let us go until the bulb had been changed. Phil explained to them that he hadn't got a spare an he could not see that the garage would sell them due to they are smaller then normal head light bulbs plus they are 24 volt. Luckily parked up near by was Cameron in quite funnily the same lorry with the same colour cab and writing as Phil's. Cameron had a couple of spare bulbs, so Phil bought one off him. Cameron popped over to see if it worked an I had my photo taken with him. Thankyou Cameron we would of been stuck with out you.  

Delivering to NWF Wardle near to Nantwich Phil and I see Chrissy in the weighbridge. Chrissy used to be a truck driver for Eddie Stobart, she was one of his first lady drivers... I wont say what Chrissy said about the ones that drive for him now.... lol. Just before this pic was taken she gave me a kiss.. Here's a big one for you Chrissy X.

Malvern mini show 4th April 2010 I met Sophie Jones. Sophie was with her Dad an they had come all the way up from Swansea for the show.

At Richards and Barbara's wedding on the 10th April 2010 were Archie (L) and Christy Hanna (R). They live in Dungannon in Northern Irland. These two plus there friend Michael Jones are TV stars. They have appeared on... an won... CBBC's Blast Lab with Richard Hammond.

I had a shufty on there Moms Facebook page an I found a photo of them with Richard Hammond... so I nabbed it.

On the 15th May Phil an I went down to Brighton. We all stopped the night at Travelodge Hickstead, where we met Mia. Mia had a long night due to her 10pm replasement didn't turn up, so Mia had to cover for her. This Photo was taken at 6.30am on our way out. Now look at her, she still looks fantastic.  

On the 4th July 2010 at the Gaydon mini show, while wondering around the museum I met Adam and Vix from Milton Keynes having a butchers around the Trotter mobile.

While having a shufty round Stratford-upon-Avon on July 10th 2010, you do see a lot of tourist from a wide range of countrys,  well I bumped into Park Keun Young from Korea.



Back to Malvern for another mini show on Oct 24th 2010 when up came along was Karina Smith. I met Karina here in 2007. It was wonderful to see Kerina, Lewis an Martin again. I soon hopped on her lap for a cuddle.....
and a kiss.... Oh true bliss xxxxx

January 14th 2011 Phil an I went in to Lissan coal,that's on Ellesmere Dock.. Ellesmere Port to collect a load. Here I met Steve. Steve is the mashine driver who loaded up Phil's lorry with Columbian trebbles. After loading I had a chat with Steve while Phil sorted out his lorry.          

                            Hello to all Steve's family.

Monday 17th January, Phil an I loaded out of Yorkshire Feedstuffs Ltd in Goole. Here I met Sandra in the office. Sandra is off to Florida on holiday soon. I chatted about when I went in 2009 while Phil went off an got his lorry loaded. Have a fantastic holiday Sandra xx
As requested by Anne Mumby, Phil an I tracked down her hubby Brian so I could have my photo taken with him. Brian works as a shovel driver at the CPL coal depot siturated in the Immingham docks. It was a bit of luck realy, Phil an I went in to collect a load of Taybrite (smokeless coal) an Brian loaded us. Spot on Brian thankyou mate. Thankyou Anne xx