Oz's travels.

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On Wednesday the 1st of August 2007 a trip up to Pickering (Yorkshire) was planed by the Mad Massey tractor pulling team to visit the steam rally that was being held there. Oh yer and to do some tractor pulling. The thing is though it we gained a couple more tractors to take up with Mad Massey an the Gopher. One was James Slaters an other was Pauls who is Gaffa's next door neighbour, so that's four tractors to get on a 43ft step framed low-loader. Now at this point I'd like to point out that the length of the Mad Massey is 17ft 6inch. Phil's brother Dave said "there are not going to fit on!", Gaffa gave the answer "I can get them on! how much yer bet?". A bet of a fiver was shook on an the challenge started. After about 30mins three tractors were on then it took about another hour to put the last one on. All on with ramps up an secure. do you want to see the final result?
                              well here you are.......................

Impressive aye!!!  Dave paid Gaffa the fiver.

The tractor on the back was backed on then the ramps were slowly lifted. The front wheels ran up the ramps so far but had to be retched the rest of the way. Dave, Phil an I set off in Noddy (that's what the lorry is called cuz of the colour of the cab) for Pickering about 9pm. It got to about 12.30am an we thought it will be better to park up an go into the show ground in the morning. A, cuz Phil don't know the lay out of the show ground an B, cuz we wanted to show off the impressive load that we have on the trailer. It was tight to get in to the tractor pulling arena but its not a problem to Phil its always a challenge. Anyway Dave Phillips from Newport Wales got in with his artic so Phil had no choice too. 

Here are some of the tractors on the pull with the Yorkshire lads sledge The Mean Chameen! You will notice that all the sledges are different around the country cuz there all scratch built. This one the sledge operator sits in the weight box on a tractor that has been made in to the winch.

One of the Yorkshire lads Colin on The Thing.
Another Yorkshire puller Paul on his twin Perkins V8 engine tractor, The Beast.
Here's Darren Trowler from Gloucestershire on Major Mover.
Now here is a proper character Alex from Scotland, I didn't find out if the tractor had a name but we all called him the Flying Scotsman. He has some how mastered changing gear up an down while on a pull. Alex always had a smile when on a pull an even if the tractor went bang he would still get of it smiling.
Red Line Frenzy driven here by John. John an his bro Richard from Wales have one hell of a modified tractor. I won't go in to detail but its called Red Line Frenzy cuz its revs gose off the scale. All I can say it runs at full bore.
Giles from Cheshire on G force this has a well modified Ford Cargo engine bolted on it. 
One night a Foden tractor unit with a 14ltr Cummins engine was on a pull an to make it a bit harder Ken kept his tractor attached to the back of the sledge. (he was doing the job of pulling back the sledge after a run). The Foden took off up the track pulling the sledge an ken but....... Ken either touched his brakes or droped the clutch cuz the back wheels stoped making his tractor lift the front end. The wheelie bars dug into the ground standing the tractor up on his back end. We all shouted, the foden stoped. Luckily Ken held on an the rollcage stoped the tractor going right over.
Oh I didn't say on the thursday evening James Slater suggested to Phil to have a go on the mic, of course Phil turned it down, so James went up to Colin who you do see on a couple of pic's with the orange waistcoat on leaning on the railings an said "Phil is good on the mic". Thanks James we had to put up with him on the mic for the rest of the show. Sorry to anyone that was there, ner he wasn't that bad really, he's been asked back to do it next year.