Oz's travels.

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Pickering Steam Rally 2010 Yorkshire. Phil an I went up on the Wednesday with no passes to get in, we was going to play it by ear to see if we can get in. On arrival we pulled into the main entrance an came to the first security check point. They were all gathered round a car chatting.. so Phil drove on. We then came to a queue off vehicles. Walking down the queue was two blokes with clipboards. They came to us an said "alright mate!" (nice people up there). Phil said "I with the tractor pulling!" "Ok carry on down the track an there on the left hand side" the bloke replied. WE WAS IN! AN FOR FREE! After saying hello an Phil volunteering his services to be the compare on the mic, we headed into the camping area. After a couple of laps we spotted Richard Angle's (A puller from Wiltshire) lorry, we then set up camp behind him.  

Richards puller is the A Team van thats based on a Renult tractor unit.

Grahams Rolls Royce powered armored radio transporter.

Paul's articulated twin Perkins V8 engined tractor Black Beast.

Gavin's twin Perkins V8 engined tractor Sweet Sixteen.

Colin Perkins V8 puller The Thing.

Most meals times we came here for either a full breakfast or a beef, pork or turkey filled Yorkshire pudding.

After fully filled up, time to walk around the show. Fine selection of traction engines.

A steam lorry.


A very rare one, well its the only one I ever seen.

Another rare viehicle a Foden steam lorry tractor unit. The chap said that there was only about three left.

More traction engines.

Now these are more my size.

Hello to Janice cole who showed me around the my size traction engines.

love this one, Phil will you buy me one?

Snug an warm in this steam lorry.

Performing on the Prestons of Potto stadge was Doctor Buster from Dorset.

Watching was this wonderful couple sat in there classic old banger.

After the show I met up with Doctor Buster an friend for a natter.

How about this for a truck..... Now I can call this a truck as it is American!

This classic ERF car transporter court my eye.

An old bus kitted out as a bar. I fancied a pint but they didn't have a proper cider only Strongbox.

Ahhhh there's the real ale an cider tent.

That's the stuff... cheers.

A selection of the tractor pullers that were at the show.

Plus a 1899 8hp traction engine owned by Dave Bradley.

This is... well was a Ford Mondeo, not anymore after Graham had finished with it.

Here's the film of him crushing it.

Me a bit wide eyed after the jokes that Richard was telling.

This is Nicks lorry that was on the pull, the sledge that is.

Sat with Richard on his Foden with a 14ltr Cummins engine.

Phil an I doing the commentary...well Phil more then me I couldn't get a word in edgeways. Thanks' to Jen Wiggall for taking the photo xx

Three heavy haulage tractor units pulled in to the arena to have a go.

Sadly time to head home. We court up Richard an Nick.

We manged to pass them..

 See you next year Richard.

A BIG thank you to all the Yorkshire lads for making Phil an I so welcome an letting us be the idiots on the mic.