Oz's travels.

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Phil and I haven't been up to Pickering for a couple of years, so this year we trundled up on the Wednesday to see if we could help out in away with the tractor puling. Phil volunteered his services of commentating again. This year he shared the commentating with Ian.

It was great to meet up with the Yorkshire tractor pulling lads... Oh and lass 'hello Sammy'.  

Thursday afternoon we started the pulling.

Here's Fletch.... ON THE PULL!!  Ford 4000 but with a Cummins 6 cylinder engine.

Nigel Weighall built this sledge an was trying it out for the first time. Dan was operating today an here was David on a standard David Brown 4wd pulling it.
Another David Brown owned by John.
Tom Wall on a friends Fordson Major.
Later on that night , Simon Gill an I got together for a drink.
A message to Jack Holloway.... (Phil's Gaffa's son)  "I know you like the Jager bomb experience on your nights outs. WELL the bottle I have seen brought out by your lorry driving mates is small compared to what THE YORKSHIRE TRACTOR PULLING TEAM bring out. Have a butchers at this....."      That's Gavin, who is head honcho of the tractor pulling, and a right laugh. 
My great mate Richard...... Cheers
The Gang..... Tosh looking worried towards the camera.
WELL.... they soon polished off the big bottle PLUS the small bottle...... 
                                                              NOW THAT'S GUD GOINg!

By Friday the compound was pretty full of tractors.

Two Fergie's with Diatsu engines.

Kieran Wall's restored Northrop tractor.  Northrop was a obscure conversion of Ford tractors with a short production run. These conversions were completed by the British Northrop Ltd company in Blackburn, Lancashire, England. The tractor was built on a Ford 5000 skid unit

Graham who crushed the Mondeo car at Pickering 2010 has sold the armoured car an bought this beast.

Another beast, both tractors don't need anything done to them to improve pulling power.

On the Friday they did have a back to back comp.... the Case won... Sorry Graham. 

Simon Gill's International with a Cummins engine.
George's Ford with a Perkins 640 V8 with a big turbo.
Night Action Shot.
Saturday started out a bit damp but by the afternoon the sun came out. Colin brought his yellow.... hummm well I thought it was a self build but it was a original machine....  I didn't find out what it was called...... anyway he scraped the top layer of mud off the track an we soon started pulling.
Done a cracking Job there Colin... thankyou.
Lets go an have a look around the show.
This traction engine had a in cab... hang on... on cab... no cab... oh!!! a phone bolted on to it!
This lovely roller 'ZULU' had a bit of history to it.
It was interesting to read about it and to see old photos.
This type of ambulance was a big help in the 7/11 New York disaster.

Having a go on the tombola at the Martin House Children's Hospice stall, a worthy cause to provide family led care for children with life-limiting conditions. Here's a link to their website... http://www.martinhouse.org.uk/   Do have a look and give support if possible.


                                                                      Thank you.

                                                 Rob and Tizzy........ AYE CUT IT OUT! 

Ner its okay. They collected along the front of the spectators of the tractor pulling, they started from both ends and they kissed when they met in the middle...... How romantic xxxxx

Sunday watching the small sledge I wondered if I could have a ride on it.
I asked Nigel an he said "Hop on Oz" so I did!
       Martin Mcdermid then Geoff Weighall (Nigel's brother)...... Look out for me!
           I jumped off to have my photo taken with Geoff.
You've herd of THE STIG, well we had THE STEAG. He owns a Scammell 6x6 army recovery lorry. It didn't have the normal Scammell engine, it had a Cummins L10 with a BIG turbo. 
                                       I wonder if he would............?
           OH YESSSSS.......

                            Going to finish this page with a few photos of me and my mates..........

                                    Martin on his tractor and Tom stood with me.

          Tom was a great help to Phil identifying what engines were in the pullers.