Oz's travels.

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Starting off with a beautiful moggie van, Phil's first car he steered while sat on his Dads lap, when he used to help his Dad deliver newspapers many years ago.
Hillman hunter. From Phil's first to his brothers first. not first car driven, his first banger racer. Fully stripped with scaffolding poles as a rollcage Dave raced one of these round a grass track near  Stratford-upon-Avon.

These little cars caught my eye, I don't think I'd ever seen one before. Oh by the way, yes there is a TARDIS in the back ground, ever since I dressed up as Doctor Woz I seem to attract Tardis's, I know now how David Tennant feels. Anyway these little motors are Frisky's.

                                                      John Meadows from Monmouth told me a lot about them.

 If you want to know more click on the link to Johns Website...... http://www.meadowsfrisky.co.uk/

A fully restored one.
In Progress.
A barn find in its original colour.
Its in good nick for its age.
There were quite a few American cars around the show, now this one didn't catch my eye but the owner did. At first I thought 'what's this Americans top Hollywood hard Action actor BRUCE WILLIS is here!' I ran across an........I was wrong.  I did make him laugh when I explained who I thought he was. HIs reel name is Paul Broom with his 1950s Oldsmobile.
I asked Paul to give a dead pan look as Bruce duz, Paul found it hard due to he's just a happy guy who always smiles.
Quite self explanatory.
Tony Latham with his Jaaaaaaaag cop car.
Well what a rebuild..... A Saab cut an shut with a car trailer.
Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers was on the live stage, so I waited for my chance of a photo opp.
Ant Anstead is the new presenter of wheeler dealers taking over from Edd China.
This Ford Prefect was used in the tv series Heartbeat.

Sunday...... Yesterday I had a chat with Andy who worked on a stall selling leather rejuvenator/polish..

                                                               Link to website..... http://www.leathergenie.co.uk/

Andy worked hard Saturday polishing peoples leather shoes demonstrating the product. I was wearing my pumps I thought today I'd bring in a pair of my shoes an have them polished by Andy, cheeky I know but Andy didn't mined giving them a go over.

Cheer's Andy.

Wooden framed cars, oh the workman ship in every car is beautiful.

The wood is Ash, the nice round shape that can be created in wood better then metal any day.
Original dod of wood, looks a bit on the dodgy side, good to see though an they have a pattern to make a new bit.
Just looking at the door is making my fingers itch, I want to get in my shed and build something out of wood.
Katie an Brad from Leather Solutions Yorkshire, I chatted to them yesterday so today I popped round again for another chat an a cuddle from Katie.
                                       Link to their website..... http://leathersolutionsyorkshire.com/
Katie took her own selfie with me, Katie sent it to me, I think its fantastic, thank you Katie xx
I love steam an I was very pleased to see a traction engine that's nearly finished its restoration.
Plus a fully restored stationary engine.

It was interesting to watch them hot rivet a wheel.

One day I might have my own engine.
I saw this beach buggy with a blonde lady sat in it, so I popped over for a chat.
Shame she was a bit incoherent,  well... she was completely leg less....... boom boom.
Phil an I are hoping one day when the Maine Special... aka THE BIGMIN is done to volunteer our services here at the Sporting Bears Dream Rides.

They have a number of special cars you can donate money to have a ride in around  the set out course of the NEC.

For more information here's the link...... http://www.sportingbears.co.uk/

Can you guess what attracted me to this stall? Lynne's wonderful smile..... oh an Lynne's mind blowing cakes. Even her slightly over done biscuits  Lynne was selling cheap were great.

                                 Link to Website...... http://www.bakedforyou.co.uk/

                                                                                                                                                          Barn Finds.

                                                                                                             How's this for a Roller.

          Talk about horse power, more like spider power.
Ooo creepy,  I wouldn't want to get shut up in there.
Come on Gene you've let the Quarto go off a bit aint yer.
While I was in the barn find area I met Fuzz Townshend from the Car SOS tv show.
Now lets mosey on in for a drink. YEE HAW!

WANTED  OZ T GOPHER...... cuz he's cute an cuddly. 

                                                                                                                                Hang on I didn't write that bit,... true though.

Here's a set of pipes that would suit the Bigmin.
Not Caterham's as I first thought, Panthers.
I came across this very rare little car, beautifully restored and very rare.
Hang on.... whose nicked the steering wheel?
Its steered by a tiller... yes same as a boat.
Here are the photos of what it was like when it was found in a landfill site.
I was chuffed when it won the car of the show.

Another great weekend at a show, meeting fab new people, having fun with great friends an spending time with my best mate Phil, I am a very lucky Gopher.

                                                                                      A BIG thank you to Brian Marshall