Oz's travels.

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We mist out on the 2017 tour due to work, so as soon as the word went out on the 2018 tour, I was in like a rat up a drain pipe for tickets.


      The location was The Railway Hotel aka The Iron Road Evesham.                                        gig date April 6th.

Phil and I thanks to Matt Holloway letting us finish early, turned up just as the sound check was in progress. I had a drink while Phil bought some merchandise. 

I managed to have a chat with Rhino and offered my services to warm up the ordinance as there was no opening band. I had brought Moxey's bass.             Well I tried, I wished I'd brought my guitar aswell. 

Rhino came on stage an gave me a few pointers.

Turned to the audience.......

...........and kicked the gig off!

Playing the guitar is Jim Kirkpatrick who has an impressive CV, as well as being the lead guitarist for FM, he also performs with Rory Gallagher's original band and Bernie Marsden from Whitesnake.

On drums is Richard Newman. Richard has played with many of the legends of rock music, including Steve Marriott, Joe Brown, Mark Knopfler, Jim Capaldi, Dave Gilmour, Rory Gallagher, Glenn Hughes and Alvin Lee.

A nice photo after with John........

.....and Jim.

Thank you for a fantastic gig an for letting me be in on the act.