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Oh its great to be out at a show again! Phill Parker contacted us about a tractor pulling meet going on in September. Phill had heard it from Steve Knight.. the mechanical wizard from the Mad Massey days... Phill asked my Phil if he could find out about it, as my Phil is semi secretary of the Wile - E tractor pulling team... was the Major Aggro team. Anyway Phil hunted around the internet and found details of this show. The Challenger Tractor pulling were the suppliers of the sledge, we know them very well, my Phil has helped them out with the commentary in the past, so he past on the detail's to Phill. Then Phill mentioned that weren't the dates given by Steve, but was interested in them. After more info was past, Charlie Parker... Phill's son... contacted Challenger TP through Facebook an manged to book the tractor in. So we are here..... 
Wile - E. Major Ferguson with a Cummins L10 engine...... major BIG wheels.

The Challenger sledge... operated by Stuart Seabridge.

Mark Hales new puller, 17 litre Perkins V8, twin turbo. 

In tribute to Mark Gass-Brown... aka Squirrel, a cast iron squirrel, thanks mate, very nice touch. 

Like Phill Parker's this long thing has a Cummins L10 engine. 

Nice to see an ERF, Cummins engine, Eaton gearbox a great pairing that Phil loved to have in his lorry that he drove back in the day... see tanks very much or the new office pages. 

No... I'm happy to stand on this tractor Phil mate!

Looking around the show from standing on the back of Phill Parker's lorry...... The Fair.

Modern lorries.

Classic lorries at the back,
Tractors plus classic caravan up on the hill. 

Phill Parker's first ever pull with Wile-E.

Let it rip mate.....

Charlie Parker's very first pull, well done mate, you've gone further then my Phil, he is still a pulling virgin. 

A great thing to see, when we first started pulling with the Mad Massey tractor pulling team, back around 2005, Dave Philips built this puller.. as was then called Dragon Power. Since then Dave sold it, it got sold on a couple of times after that, an now in 2021 he managed to buy it back. Dave is a lovely bloke originally from Newport in Wales, but now lives in Pembrokeshire,  it was great to see him back in the saddle again. 

                                                       Two VERY cool dudes. 

A guest competition puller arrived, this beast is owned by Stephen Charles from North Darbyshire.  

The engine is runs on Alcohol, the top doesn't get hot it go's cold, you can see the frost forming on it.... that would be a ruddy expensive heat exchanger for a coolbox or fridge.  

Right lets go for a plod around the show.... loads of tractors.

A very creepy customized Velox car, with matching caravan and camp set. 

Classic caravans, bit blurred photo.. sorry.  

A fair selection of new and old lorries.

Phil has very fond childhood memories of the Bedford his dad used to drive for Allely's Transport, Studley. It was the KM series, the gray one on the right.   

Interesting crane.

We watched them packing the jib away. 

Plenty of pulling power.

A ex BBC Austin camera lorry.  

A beautiful uniquely presented photo collection of the lorry. I do love to see someone that has gone to the time and effort to created something different. 

ERFFFFFFFFFFSSSSS, aka plastic fantastic's.... great lorries.

Loads of cars...... 

Like this replica of the GMC pickup from the American TV series The Fall Guy, who stared Lee Majors... who I have met back in 2015, see my celebrities page. 

                                      This was for sale... ooooh Phil was tempted.

And the Dukes Of Hazard's General Lee.... but this was wrong, the doors opened. 

The fair ground, I couldn't talk Phil into going on any of the rides.... 

The beer tent, now at £5 a pint I couldn't talk myself into a pint....

The JC Balls Dancing Diggers. 

All classic travel covered at the show........

Back to the pulling, roaring up the track towards me..... 

was Rachel Knight on the Old Holland.

The competition puller earlier is owned by Stephen Charles, last time we met was at Pickering Steam fair a while ago. Stephen has only just bought this puller an was soon to take it out for a pull. 

Before Stephen a little box standard Ferguson was bolted on.

With a little help from the pull back tractor... or in this case the push start tractor, it managed to get 3/4's the way up the track, well done. 

Now for Stephens turn.

He flew up the track, when he got to the end the sledge stopped him, but his wheels were still spinning an threw up a lot of soil, right over himself. 

look on the top of his bonce....

Dave filmed it on his phone an showed Stephen. 

Kate Seabridge. 

       director, organizer.... in short the gaffer of The Challenger tractor pulling. Kate also commentates an very kindly let me say hello on the mic. Kate owns Major Cook up puller once part of the Mad Massey tractor pulling Team owned by the sadly missed Godfrey Blainey. 

Stuart Seabridge.

          Sledge owner/operator an second in command of The Challenger Tractor Pulling.

       The While-E tractor pulling team.... all except my Phil, who was taking the photo. 

Right I will finish this page of a few pullers....errrrrrr pulling ok. Great weekend, a BIG thank you too Kate for letting us in. I've just found out the dates for 2022 rally... all being well!... 27th 28th 29th May. Well worth the trip out. More details Link..... SmallwoodVintageRally